What bibles do I use?

I use three different kinds of bibles, ( I hoard collect bibles) I mainly use NIV but will use a ESV or a NKJV. Here is a list of some of the bible I have in my collection and what I mainly use. If I am going to collect something it might as well be God’s word right?

How did I get started?

I wanted to write for a long time, I was encouraged by family and friends to start writing. I didn’t really know what to write about before so this is my second-ish attempts to this blog. This page has come along way with trials and errors. I am still working on it, I think also that this blog and many other factors helped me find what I am gifted with. I started looking up what platform would be best and settles with wordpress

What Devotionals do you recommend?

There are plenty of them out there but here is a list of devotionals and bible studies I have done in the past and still work on. I love doing mom devotionals because that is what I can relate to most right now, I am also in the process of making devotionals!

What tools do you use during bible time?

I use a variety of things from sticky notes to a journal a lot can be found at a local dollar store but I made a list here to help show you what I use.

What is Coffee Talk Monday’s?

On my Instagram Monday mornings I ask a question, sometimes I will ask what your day looks like or opinions.Sometimes I will ask things that relate to faith or some questions that are flat out silly. I don’t always get a response, if you would like to be part of Monday morning coffee talk join us on Mondays at @milkandstones on my stories! I love to see you there!

Have you thought about creating product?

I have and at this time, I am not called to do so. I have ideas that I would love to make into products but I am good with just writing for now!

Do you have Bible Reading Plans?

Yes I do Here and Here! They are in my two posts, One is a chronological order and one is front to back!