How To Start Your Day Right: Saying Good Morning To God

If you are anything like me, I am not always a morning person. Scratch that I am not a morning person at all. I don’t like rising before the sun peeks the horizon however being a mom of three plus one of those three are in school I need to be up at the butt crack of dawn to prepare our day.

When I do get up early and start my day it is usually just my husband and I as he gets ready for work. I make my coffee and sit down to enjoy the silence before the chaos of the day. Regardless, one thing I have started doing is starting my morning of right by saying good morning to the one person who has kept me alive another day.

“Thank you Lord for waking me up this morning and for allowing me to live another day on your green earth. I am thankful for my life and my kids lives this morning and for the ability to make coffee, eat breakfast, and a roof over our heads” My morning prayers don’t always look like this but often it does.

What I will be going over shortly is what a Morning routine would possibly look like, and what can you do to bring in a bible routine or devotional into your morning. Now while starting your day off on the right foot is beneficial sometimes reading at night is the only time you have which is A okay. I am in that routine once again but I am slowly making the effort to going back to being a morning reader.

Grateful Heart

First and foremost I like to greet God with a grateful heart, I like to thank him for allowing me to wake up another day and improve myself. He is the breath of life so why not thank him for your life. *insert why not shrug*

When we wake up in the morning greeting God with a grateful heart we are not only trusting him with our day but giving praise and just being positive, we are saying that we trust that the day will go smoothly no matter what the outcome actually is. When you start your day with God and start reading your bible in the morning, your frame of mind changes so dramatically! It not only keeps you from being left frustrated at the end of the day, it helps you through the day by relying on him.

Bible Routine

Lately I don’t get up at the butt crack of dawn like I use to (which this has given me the drive to do it again), I don’t have a good bible routine anymore. I was doing so well for the longest time of making sure I got up to be with God and read. When I read my bible in the morning I felt so much better, I wasn’t as frustrated, I wasn’t as worried, and I often felt a sense of being relieved. So often what I happened to be reading about always somehow got applied later on in the day in some way shape or form.

When setting a bible routine there are a couple things you want to try and stick to; Set a time, be patient, and don’t rush. Don’t start out feeling like it is the start of a to do list or that its just another thing to check off for the day.

Set A Time

When you set a time to get up and read it will feel odd at first. Like setting an alarm for work it slowly becomes a habit that turns into a routine. Kind of like when we are told it takes 21 days to break a habit while building a new one, it gets easier over time. You will catch yourself later on getting up with out the alarm as if you programmed your body and spirit to do so.

I didn’t envy getting up at 5:30-6 every morning. I hated it actually. I was groggy, half asleep, and was a grouchy zombie before my coffee. However as I slowly got use to it I formed a routine. I would start brewing my coffee, go to the bathroom, make my coffee, sit in my chair and be silent. When I started to form my bible time that silent time was being formed to reading with him and thanking God.

I didn’t read a million chapters all at once either, I also didnt just read to get it done and over with I would start with just reading a passage or a chapter depending on my time I had before I had to go get breakfast ready and the day going for my eldest who needed to get up and be ready for school.

I sat down and was patient. I was quiet and still, I would think about what the scriptures were and what it means. Some questions I would ask myself while reading;

What is God trying to tell me?

What does he want me to pay attention to?

How can I apply this today?

What about this can I pray about?

There are many other question you could ask and think about, these were only a few. Another thing about setting a time is set a time limit for yourself at first. Don’t feel pressured to spend a hour with him if you can’t, sometimes even 5 minutes is all that we can do if it’s a busy day. All it takes from my experience is 10 minutes to start then you will crave to sit with him more! Soon you will find that you will make extra time just to sit with him.

Being Patient and Quiet, Don’t Rush It

During my bible time in the morning, like I said briefly above, is being patient and quiet. I don’t just read my bible in the morning to read it, I read it in the morning to learn and prepare myself for what could come at me in the day. When you sit and read just sit there and meditate on his word, ask yourself questions and be quiet, so often we think if we just sit and read that is enough but it’s not. Sit and marinate in what God is telling you or showing you, even if you don’t get it right away just sit and soak in it for a moment. Sometimes applications wont always be recogizeable until later in the day.

Then you will be like “So that’s what you were trying to tell me!”

When you are still and quiet is when you can hear God speaking to you. I don’t mean literally but you will know when he does, I so often get things put on my heart when I read and hear like a subconscious voice. God speaks to everyone in different ways, so how he speaks to me through scripture may not be how he will speak to you.

Don’t rush reading through it to just get it over with or make it out to be something to check off, actually take the time to sit and be while reading with him.

What Do I Read, Bible Plans and Devotionals

So one thing you can do if you are unsure what to read when start out is something easy and simple. Maybe read front to back with a verse and a chapter a morning, get a devotional that has a little session and a verse with a question to help apply it for the day along with a prayer to pray.

I absolutely love devotionals because they are quick to read and easy to apply and often get you thinking through out your day! The one I have is a women’s devotional I got from one of the ladies in my life group who is a close friend of mine now. She gifted them to us at Christmas to start our year out right. I sit down with it almost every morning and this particular devotional has a at night portion to it, so you read the scripture in the morning and the session talk then at night there is a session talk and the question to help you review your day.

There are many different devotionals out there along with plans to read. When I have extra time in the morning I will sit and S.O.A.P about what I have read in the devotional and or in the bible plan I happen to be reading.


Whether you are just starting out or need encouragement to start again, starting you morning off right with God is so beneficial. You will over time feel so much different and less frustrated. You will form a routine that will become a habit to making your day’s better! Even reading 5 minutes can turn into a half hour over time with out even noticing. I catch myself so often wanted to be with God more and more. I remember only wanting to spend a couple minutes with him, now I am waking up greeting him with a good morning, thank you, show me when I read and feeling awesome again!

What is your morning routine? What is one thing you can do differently?

Answer in the comments below

I want to say thank your for those of you who have given me feed back for this blog and insight on what to improve. I will be working on the things suggested!

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