Word of The Year 2020

Words have a profound power that most forget. God spoke and he created the world, He gave us the power to speak in hopes to use it to build up not tear down.

So starting this year of on the right foot with my bible study thought the bible in a year, and speaking only good. I have decided to concentrate on one word along with reading, one word that I need to do, let go, or study and base my year off of.

After asking him, more like praying relentlessly, to show me what word or aspect I need to study and learn he showed me the word anger as I started reading, more or less the release of. At first I was like “Nah God I’m not angry. I am not an angry person!” but then he opened my eyes soon after I made that statement, he has a funny way of doing that huh. I saw I was a frustrated person who got irritable over little things. I don’t have a large temper however I can get frustrated over silly stuff.

Then he started showing me the things I needed to release this year, Mentally, emotionally and physically! This includes anger, anxieties, negative thoughts, etc. First however is anger as I come to understand, Why well lets see….

Definition of Anger

Anger is defined by google as a noun, a strong annoyance, displeasure, or hostility. As a verb, filled with anger; provoked by anger. Despite what most think anger is considered a secondary emotion which can be found connected to a primary emotion like fear or sadness. Anger is more than just being mad, its getting frustrated like I stated above, its being so irritable to the state of anger.

The First Time Anger Showed it’s Ugly Face

The best example of the definition above is found in Genesis 4:3-8 when Cain killed his brother, Abel, out of anger. Some would say what Cain did what was done out of spite towards Abel and or God. However I personally think he did it out of numerous emotions which I will get to in a moment.

So Cain was very angry, and his face was downcast

Gen 4:5

When Cain gave his offering to the Lord, the Lord didn’t look in favor of it which some would say caused Cain to be angry or furious (a type of anger). Now let me state that anger it’s self isn’t wrong, it isn’t a sin to get angry. We as humans have a natural tendency to emotions. However what is wrong or sinful is what we do or how we act out of that anger which is dangerous.

Sin is crouching at your door, it desires to have you, but you must rule over it

Gen 4:7

You see I think Cain lashed out because of jealousy, disappointment, sadness and hurt. He was jealous that he didn’t make the cut. He was disappointed that he wasn’t looked on in favor like his brother, he was sad because he wanted the favor too. However we are taught that Cain didn’t give the offering with his heart, he wasn’t glad to give up what he had to the Lord. Abel, on the other hand gave to the Lord with a willing and humble heart Cain didn’t but expected to get the same favor as Abel.

God gave him a chance to deny sin in verse 7, as stated above. He gave him a chance to let go of hurt, sadness, and whatever else to move on. He could have corrected his behavior (hence the free will humans have) but he chose not to, he chose his anger. It is exactly like what my study bible says; Feelings motivate our behavior which can’t always be changed by mind over matter. That is why we need to; (1) Stop (2) Step Back and access (3) and ask for help. Cain only looked at it negatively that he didn’t even realize a positive solution was being offered.

Another point to anger is that it blinds us from our very own faults. Cain was so blinded that he didn’t see the wrong in wanted and following through with killing his brother. Much like Esau later down the family tree who was so angry and blinded he didn’t see the wrong in selling his birthright then wanting to seek revenge for it.

Jealous anger blinds us from seeing the benefits we have and makes us dwell on what we don’t have”


Hot Headed Mama

As a mom I realized I do get angry……a lot! More like frustration that turns into anger.

I get angry over the smallest of things unfortunately, like stepping on a Lego for the 100th time even when I ask for the Lego death traps to be picked up. We all know that hurts! What I have come to recognize though is more often than not when I am angry it’s because I am frustrated by other things that aren’t what is actually going on. I mean we all do right, we get frustrated over the toy’s not being picked up, homework not being done, milk spilling, then not listening. sibling rivalry, and more. But is that what is really causing our frustration? Is it that you found out you were late on a bill and you daughter spilling the milk at that exact time is what brought it out on her?

Being a hot headed mama meant that I lose my cool in public, which isn’t always okay. It isn’t necessary! It meant that I get defensive over everything because in that anger I fail to see my own faults. I often feel like anger in the movie Inside Out. The more mad he gets the hotter his head gets, I feel like in those frustrating moments I described above you could probably see the flames starting to spark or steam coming out of my ears.

What Can We Do

Ephesians 4:26 says “In your anger do not sin” Paul is pretty much saying it’s okay to be angry but don’t act out in your anger and do wrong by it. He wants us to handle it properly. If we vent to another out of anger we have the possibilities of hurting others also we can destroy relationships by that venting potentially being turned into gossip. Anger causes us to be bitter and destroys us from within our self. Paul says “get rid of all the bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with any form of malice” Which malice means intended or to desire evil. Paul continues to say “be kind and compassionate to one another and to forgive one another just as Christ forgave us”

What we can do to stop our anger, avoid it, and change it, stop in that moment and take a step back. Access the situation and see why we are really angry or frustrated. When we can isolate what is really causing our anger/frustration then we can move forward and change it.

So this year I am going to Release, “Get rid of” like Paul puts it, anger and frustration!

There are 76 passage references to the word anger


So as this year continues I will continue to study the word that was chosen for me. I will learn to release, to stop frustration, to let go and give it to God. To forgive and to be forgiven. This year as I study more about what the bible says about what I need to release I will keep my heart open to what is being taught.

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