Faith While Facing The Storms Of Life

I don’t know about you but there have been many storms I have faced in my short life on earth and plenty more as I get older. I have faced teen pregnancy, abusive relationships, different faces, anxieties, unplanned pregnancies, loss, and so much more. I wish I could say that I had faith when I faced some of those storms if not all of them, I wish I could say that I was fearless when those storms hit. However I wasn’t, I was fearful

Oh so fearful.

I believe many of us become fearful when storms of life come crashing down even with the strongest of faith. We all face storms in our life, some are light showers compared to the big tidal waves of others. Some of those tidal waves send us crashing down in the strong currents to the point where we can’t swim and feel like we are drowning. Such storms have the capability to make you feel so alone right?

He was with them

You are never truly alone though, in any of these storms my friend. Jesus is with you. Even when you don’t always feel him doing anything in your situation or working in the storm.

Jesus was getting on a boat with the rest of his disciples one day. Now picture this with me, just try to imagine being in this particular situation with the rest of the disciples as they were getting on the boat. Keep in mind that this particular boat is most likely a fisher mans boat, which isn’t that big to begin with. Anyway as they sailed off a violent storm came up on the waters, gusts of winds and huge waves took them over.

It takes great faith to stand up in the middle of a storm! #eyeofthestorm #inthemiddleofchoas #faith

At this point they are probably panicking, running around trying to steady the boat, and get to safety. As they were battling the storm that was pushing them around Jesus was napping in the corner of the boat! Now I don’t know about you but I can pretty much sleep anywhere but I don’t think I could be sleeping there in a storm like that. There are three messages in that; one its okay to take a nap even in the middle of chaos, its okay to be still in a storm, and have faith.

See as the disciples where frantically running around with worry, fear, anxieties, and battling the storm as they woke Jesus up while they said “save us, we will drown.” He quickly replied “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” then he calmed the storms, the winds, the waves. As they were running around frantically worried about surviving the storm they forgot that at the same time they were utterly safe in the middle of it. They failed to remember who Jesus was for a spit second and failed to trust him. They failed to put their trust in him.

They were literally sitting or standing next to the only person in the world that was keeping them afloat and not drowning. Sure they got wet from the waves crashing into the boat, sure they got knocked around, sure it wasn’t the most desirable place or situation to be in but they remained in the boat safe and saved.

Life is the Storm and Faith is the Napping Jesus

When our storms of life hit we don’t know what is going to happen, we don’t know when it is going to happen, and we for sure as heck don’t know when it will end. All we just know is that there will be storms we will face. While we do need to face those storms we need to have faith to walk through the storm, we need to remember who is in the boat with us the whole time facing these storms with us.

Yes you are going to get hurt, Jesus never said you weren’t. Yes you will get knocked around by the waves and pushed by the winds, Jesus never said you weren’t. However while we get wet, get knocked around, and pushed down have faith, have the faith that is casually taking a nap in the corner of the boat because it knows everything will be alright. Have the faith to be still in the middle of the chaos that is happening around you.

Be still, and know that I am God

Psalm 46:10

Thoughts to Think

One thing I would like to point out is that four of Jesus’ disciples were professional fisher men, they were experts on the boat and in the waters, they knew how to manage in a storm because they have probably faced storms on the waters before. However this particular time they still panicked in this particular storm. They already knew the dangers of the waters but for some reason they still feared the waters this one time. Also being professional fishermen they would have seen what the weather was like and used caution. They didn’t know what was going on, but the question to ask is what rocked there faith so much that they feared this one time, in this one storm?

Much like our own personal storms we often think God or Jesus can’t or won’t work in our situations/storms. We often put God in a box and limit his ability, we think out problems are bigger than our God. With our faith deeply rooted in Jesus we know that this isn’t true. We know that he will help we only need ask him. Maybe we too need to sleep in the storm too and rely or trust in the one person who can handle the waves better than we can.

Faith in the Middle of Tragic Storms

Having faith in the storm isn’t easy, it isn’t what others make it out to be. Having faith is a daily trust that God has your back and that through him you will be OK. God doesn’t promise an easy life once you become a Christian, becoming a Christian isn’t some magic spell that gets cast to keep you perfectly safe where you are, where you wont have to go through trials and errors. However he does promise that though he can aid you, help the situation, and be there for you through those trials and errors, those storms.

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