Homemade Vaporub Using Essential Oils

So it’s been the sick season for a while. From the flu to the cold and while we do our best to keep the littles healthy and away from the sick germs, they always manage end up sick.

For the past five days or so my two youngest got sick with a URI which is a upper respiratory infection if you didn’t already know. Unfortunately this strand they got was viral so there isn’t much I can do other than hydrate them, keep the fever down, get them to cough up all the snot and get them to blow their little noses.

While it is mild I wanted to rub some Vaporub on their chests but I was out. I decided to do a little research and make my own in a quick snap of the fingers.

Benefits Of Natural Vaporub

So we all know that going natural is always best. Plan and simple! We know that most things made on the shelf has a bunch of chemicals and compounds that aren’t good for you period.

A natural vaporub is made up of a array of things. Some people make it differently for example instead of coconut oil they use beeswax and olive oil with the essential oils. I wanted to use coconut oil because I love the smell and because its beneficial factors. Some of which are reducing skin inflammation, moisturizer, boost energy, and plenty more if ingested coconut oil.

The essential Oils like Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint that I use have multiple beneficial properties, some of which include but not limited to; Peppermint can help muscle soreness, Tea Tree helps inflammation and kills bacteria, Eucalyptus is a natural nasal congestion, asthma, and as a tick repellent.

While we aren’t using Eucalyptus for a tick repellent its benefit for this particular situation is a decongestant. Which if you put Eucalyptus oil in a steaming shower you release the aroma for the decongestant to work just as well 5-6 drops preferably. Some use more for a stronger scent.

What You Will Need

  1. Coconut oil *your perferd brand is fine, we use simple truth organic and have used others in the past*
  2. Small glass jar with a seal tight lid like a small mason jar.
  3. Essential Oils Tea Tree, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus.
  4. A small spoon for stirring
  5. Napkin or wipes for cleaning up

*optional if you are crafty that way you can make a cute label to put on the jar so people in the house know what is in the jar*


1. Open your glass jar and open the coconut oil. Scoop a generous amount of coconut oil out and put it in glass jar. Be careful not to put to much in jar or it will be too full and you won’t have room to stir. I would say put the coconut oil a little more than half way in the glass jar. I put a little to much but it all worked out.

2. Open the essential oils that you have selected and put 5-10 drops each into coconut oil. Do NOT use more than 10 or else the smell will be over powering and could cause a burning sensation to your eyes and could cause skin irritation for sensitive skin. I used 5 drops of Tea Tree, 7 drops of Peppermint, 10 drops of Eucalyptus. Since this is a vaporub and suppose to act as a decongestant it could be stronger. I have heard you could use other oils as well in a vaporub, if you dont like it as strong you can use lavender too. Also if you feel that is to much you can always put less drops in it but I don’t advise making it stronger though.

3. Mix the essential oils and the coconut oil together until it makes a semi liquidy paste or a mushy texture. Make sure it is mixed throughly.

4. Once mixed you can clean the sides of the jar with the napkin so you don’t have an oily jar. Place the lid on the jar and you are done. If you want to solidify it a bit so it’s not so runny put it in the freezer for 5-7 minutes and it hardens a bit.

How To Use

When you are done making Vaporub mixture you are ready to begin use. Just dip the tip of your finger in the mixture and rub it on your chest. A little goes a long way with coconut oil. Not only does it keep your skin soft and smooth it relaxes and releases the aroma so you can breathe. You can even put a little bit around your nostrils to moisturize your nose from runny nose.

I don’t recommend ingesting this or using it on newborns or 1 year olds but I use it on my three year old and five year old just fine. So I would safely say use this on anyone 3 years old and up.

Overall this is a great homemade vaporub that I use when the sick season has generously blessed visited this house. My kids don’t necessarily love the smell but they understand that it’s for their benefit to have it in them.

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  1. Love ways to make useful products naturally, plus it saves money! I will definitely be trying this out next time anyone in the household is sick, especially the kids. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Such a cool idea! My personal fave “natural remedy” for congestion, since it is ALWAYS my nasal passages, is Breathe Right strips – but I do use Vaporub sometimes, too!


      1. Oh they are soooo amazing. Granted, they don’t solve the underlying congestion – but they DO hold your nasal passages open enough that you can get to sleep comfortably. I only really started using them when I was pregnant (remember all that pregnancy congestion?) and they were a HUGE help.


  3. I use oils when we get sick too! I actually just use coconuts oil and garlic for my little on (9 months) but use VERY diluted oils for my 2 year old. I use doTerra’s On Guard for myself.


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