Reading the Bible Through the Year

So one goal I always set for myself now is reading my bible front to back through the year with a bible plan. Last year I did it with a Chronological year plan, meaning the books of the bible in order in which it was written not how it is placed in the bible. If you would like to read it that way I’ll attach a link here to my post last year with free print out!

Las year when I read the books in Chronological order It was fun, I learned a lot of new and interesting things. It made since reading the bible that way first then front to back. However I didn’t make it all the way through last year and hoping and planning to actually make it this year!

Benefit to reading the Bible

One it’s our daily bread, as it states “Man shall not live on bread alone”

We need his daily word, it not only brings us closer to him but closer to knowing what he wants from us. Each walk of faith is different and each person walking the walk of faith has a different purpose.

If you are a new believer or just want to read the bible that is FANTASTIC! I am so glad you are curious and want to learn. Even if you don’t believe I encourage you to read the bible it is life changing. Trust me when you being to read you start to ask questions and when you start to ask questions you start to research and then it is only the beginning from there.

One benefit to reading the bible in a year is it sets a plan for you to sit with God daily. To even be in his presences and to learn from him. Now that isn’t to say that if you for whatever reason can’t get to it that day then that is OK no pressure. This isn’t something to be done like a to do list but to learn and be with if that makes sense.

This Year

This year we aren’t reading the bible in Chronological order but basically front to back. I started doing this at the end of last year but lost track and pretty much stopped my bible plan other than devotionals and what I need to learn from Sunday service. Sad I know but this year I plan on being more intentional this year with my reading and devoting more of my time to God. He is the only one who knows what 2020 holds and I want to be closer to him than ever.

Starting 2020 off right #biblereading #scripture #dailyword #youversion

Another benefit to reading the bible again, over and over, in different ways is that you won’t always learn the same things as you did last year! Sometimes the same passage last year touches you in a completely different way this year. The same story has a different lesson to teach and the same lines hold greater meaning.

January Bible Plan

So below is the calendar I made if you are wanting to read the bible through this year with me! I am excited to hear about your path and what you have learned if you do decide to do this with me. Here is a place we can share our journey together so we can not only hold each other accountable, but build a fellowship and shine God’s light. This group will be for us to encourage each other and share what we learn and the different things we find in his word.

Happy reading guys! What is one book of the bible you always seem to enjoy no matter how many times your read it???


  1. I’m reading the Bible in chronological order this year for the first time. Im excited!

    Good luck on your journey tgrough the Bible in a year! I haven’t done that successfully either. Maybe this year will be the first for both of us!


  2. I am reading chronologically this year. I am starting the year off a few days ahead. I’ve made it 6+ months before and still not finished. I’m hoping to make it 12 months this year. No, I’m planning to make it 12 months this year!
    Every time I read the Bible I am touched in a fresh way. Doesn’t matter if I’ve read the same passage a hundred different times. Today while writing, I was straight up laughing in Ezekiel.


    1. That’s what I love about reading the bible over and over with a fresh new way. Reading the same this a year or two ago could mean something different now with a different stage and situations of life.


  3. My family reads the entire Bible every year by listening to the Bible on audio during breakfast and lunch. It’s vital to get the Word of God into our children.


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