Party-or-Treat? Why I chose NOT to celebrate Trick-or-Treating!

So it’s almost Halloween, and oh man I love decorating for fall and Halloween. It’s not my number one favorite holiday but I still love to decorate. However over the recent years (more like last year and this year) I have decided not to partake in the Trick-or-treating festivities. I haven’t wanted to for about five years but last year I made the move to do something alternative last year.


Well the first reason is because over the past five years more and more twisted people are swapping candy for drug infused replicas and putting needles and razor blades in chocolates. At least where I live its reported about 10 times per Halloween, and that’s only those who come forward and report the incidents.

Yes I get that is why you check your child candy before they eat it but here’s the thing why go through all that trouble when you can by candy yourself Last year a lady reported her 4 year old O.Ded from a meth infused chocolate bar but the mother checked the wrapper twice and didn’t see the pin needle sized hole. The child is fine now in better news

Second is now as new Christian, I dont see Halloween the same as I use to as a kid. I just don’t, it isn’t an important “holiday”. I feel like its idolizing something that isn’t worth it. Traditionally pagans worship Halloween because of all Hallows eve, they believe the day hold great spiritual greatness, or so I’m told. Even if that’s true I would rather not celebrate it because it isn’t worth my families time.

Third is every year having to walk around unknown neighborhoods with three kids who eventually want to go home after going to four houses isn’t all that fun anymore. Dragging them along to knock on strangers houses to ask for candy kind of goes against what we teach kids anyway, right?

“Don’t take candy from strangers!”

Oh but little Jonny it’s ok to do this one night a year only but other wise don’t talk to strangers or take candy from them, we dont know that person at all but it’s ok take the candy tonight.

See my point?

Fourth my street that use to hand out candy no longer hands out, my grandmother’s neighborhood is the same way. So I’m not driving around to find unknown neighborhoods to get candy from people I have never seen before in my life. Along with that costumes arent what they use to be. I feel like it’s a competition now to see who’s kid dressed better and who’s kid got the most candy. Costumes for 15 year old girls are becoming revealing in my opinion.

Fifth and final reason is there was for a long time a psycho clown thing going around and in Vegas we got hit with a threat from someone who dressed up as one of them. The news didn’t say where in the city the treat was reported for but to be safe.

With this being said I don’t go out with the kids anymore on Halloween and that is my husband and I’s choice. He agrees though that it isn’t like when we were growing up and he is rather fond of what our new tradition is! After working all day the last thing he wants to do is walk around somemore!

What I do instead of Trick or Treating

First I attend my church’s trunk or treat. So I’m not 100% “depriving” the kids, as one ladies choice of words she used, from the experience or Trick-or-treating. Second why I trunk or treat is I know and trust my church family unlike strangers in a neighborhood I’ve never seen. My kids still get to dress up and be with friends! The candy we use for the trunk or treat is unopened from the store until the event!

I also started a new tradition which had been a success so far. We have a Halloween party the night of, a Party-or-Treat. We get snacks, order pizza, dress up, get a bag of candy to share if we dont ger enough at trunk or treat, play games which have mini prizes, watch movies and enjoy time together.

We all either pick a series of movies, like Harry Potter, Halloween Town, twitches, and other fun movies then when the kids go to bed I watch scary movies with my hubs. The only night of the year I will watch a horror movie with him I might add!

Some of the games we play are:

  • Halloween Bingo
  • Bobbing for apples (new fame for this year)
  • Costume contest
  • Dance party
  • Pumpkin decorating

This is just from last year to this year! And to be honest my kids have more fun doing this then walking around just knocking on doors! Over all we have a fun night. My three kids asked if we were going to do that again! Of course as they get older things will change but for now this works for us.

Mom Shamed For Being Different

Before I explain I would like to state that I wish no ill will on the ladies that shamed me for doing things a little different. I do hope that they are shown what happened and how they can treat the next person differently.

What bothered me recently about all this is I made a comment to a group of ladies who were talking about how the news just issued another heads up on what candy to look for and throw out because it’s being targeted for Halloween. I joyfully said that’s why we throw a Halloween party instead and listed what we do and tried to explain the fun we have. Sharing what our family does to have a fun night!

One of the ladies gave me a sad look and said poor kids, like I was depriving them of an experience. The second one said that her best memories were made trick or treating and that I was depriving them of a good time and that the news makes these “cases” bigger than what they are. No one actually poisons kids or puts razors in chocolates.

I just stopped talking in that moment and left it be. It made me go back and think if what I was doing was wrong. What if I was ruining there Halloween experiences.

Here’s the thing with all that;

I am not saying the news doesn’t exaggerate things because sometimes it does, I’m not saying they are right and you should believe everything reported because sometimes its fake news but what I AM saying is that it wouldn’t be on the news if some part of it was true after all. It wouldn’t be broadcast on the news if it didn’t happen to some degree. So that means it did happen to at least one person who was smart enough to share her experience.

Along with that just because I choose to celebrate a holiday with my family differently that theirs doesn’t mean it’s wrong or that I’m depriving them from a thing they don’t entirely need in the first place (which is candy and chocolate). What these ladies failed to understand is that we still have fun, just because it isn’t their kind of fun doesn’t mean I’m depriving them of fun.

We have made awesome memories so far. Last year we built a fort and watch Nightmare on Elm street with my oldest when his younger brother and sister passed out. About three hours before that we all had a costume party, we had pizza with Cheetos puffs and some candy. We watch my daughters favorite Halloween movie at the time which was Nightmare before Christmas, and danced.

Not once did she think about trick or treating because she was so caught up dancing with her father who was making her laugh that it didnt occurr to her that trick or treating was possible or that she wasn’t having a good time. She just made a memorable memory of her and her daddy dressed up as a ghost and a princess dancing to This is Halloween as they laughed. Guess what that memorable moment wasn’t trick-or-treating!

Overall can we just stop shaming each other? Can we build each other up and say better things?


Now with all this said, if you choose to celebrate Halloween and go trick or treating then by all means go do it and have fun doing it! Just be safe as always. If you don’t celebrate it at all then choose to stay in and watch Netflix, awesome sauce, Have fun doing that! I hope whatever you watch is entertaining and fun.

Whatever you choose to do have fun doing it. Just dont shame another mom for doing something different that you just because it isn’t something YOU would define as fun. If you feel safe and confident to go door to door then do it, your kids will have just as much fun!

Spending quality time with your family is what’s important! Whatever you choose and however you choose to spend the night have a safe and happy Halloween

What is something you do for Halloween?

Any fun traditions that you have? Do y’all trick or treat or stay in?


  1. We don’t trick-or-treat either and my stepkids’ favorite Halloween was 100% in our house. Make the decisions you’re comfortable with and be proud you thought it through and are doing what you feel is right!


  2. That is the great thing about America is that we can make our own choices and move on. I am not a huge Halloween person either. But for the kids, we do Trick or treat but I don’t participate in parties or decorating the house. Our church does do a harvest party which is always fun.


    1. I think one is allowed to make one’s choices. And more so one can decide what’s best for their kids. The most important thing is the kids enjoyed it, you get to spend time with your family and they would want more of it next year.
      We don’t do Halloween in my country, but from your description of it, I wouldn’t want to join either.
      Love your family tradition…xoxo


      1. Dont get me wrong Halloween can be fun and enjoyable! It just isn’t what it us to be if that makes since. What do you celebrate if you dont mind me asking, I’m super interested!


        1. I celebrate annual Harvest Thanksgiving and the New Year.
          Although there are lots of other traditional celebration, some are almost like Halloween


  3. I think everyone should do what they want regarding any holiday. Not to say Halloween is a holiday, per se, but it’s definitely an event. I grew up in a different country and when I came here at 12, trick-or-treating seemed super weird to me. I felt like I was begging. But now I love decorating for Halloween and loved seeing trick-or-treaters in our hood. We went trick-or-treating in our friend’s neighborhood that we know is safe and was where they knew all the neighbors. If we lived in an area where it’s not safe and I’d have to drive to trick-or-treat, I would not do it. But having a party with awesome decorations is always fun.


  4. An informative post on an interesting topic. We don’t do Halloween because of it’s pagan origins and unscriptural background. It’s important to research and decide for your family what you feel is best and no one should have the right to shame you for it.


  5. I like how open you are about your position on Halloween. I don’t disagree at all. I would much rather do it this way too. We don’t trick or treat much either. We go to the churches mostly and then call it a night.


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