God Works In Private not in Public

Hey guys it’s been too long, sorry I have been away but I have been trying to work on a lot this past couple months. We at the H household have hit some rough patches but we doing are OK!

I have been busy volunteering at my church in both the nursery with the babies and helping with our Moms Unstoppable group which is a group that we host every season to help other moms and build up each other. If you live in Vegas or know a mom who does tell them to check us out and come visit!

Today I want to back post for a minute, a while ago I post a picture on Instagram of what I was studying in 1 Kings. There were a lot of things that got me, opened my eyes, and made me have a ah-ha moment.

Diving In

So back in August, yeah I know it has been too long since I’ve posted anything, I was doing a study in 1 Kings. Let me tell you I’ve read this chapter before but something kept drawing me back and lead me to dig a little deeper.

” You gotta dig a little deeper
Find out who you are
You gotta dig a little deeper
It really ain’t that far”

So as I was digging deeper then something hit me, I am going to share with you the things that stood out to me and I will explain and clarify it here in a moment. I am reading from 1 Kings 1:1-52 NIV

Adonijah, Solomon’s Brother and son of King David, put himself in charge and made himself king, vs 5-6. Another thing that stood out to me was he sacrificed a bunch of different things himself and threw a giant party in which Nathan (the prophet), the king, Solomon or a few others weren’t invited but all the royal officials and the brothers of Solomon, vs 7-10. While Adonijah and his following were partying God was working in private and King David declared his son Solomon shall be king. vs 11-35 Nathan anointed him in private. When the private party of Solomon rejoiced it shook the ground with a great sound. vs 38-40

Now Adonijah’s party heard the sound asked what it was all about and the people rejoiced and told the Solomon was made king by David. Another thing that stood out to me was when they did this and the whole city was praising Adonijah’s crew fled. They left in fear. Adonijah was then left there fearful and pleading for his life. vs 41-49

Himself vs Appointed

When Adonijah does things himself he is going around God’s plan. He relayed on his own knowledge and plans verses God’s. Adonijah didn’t get approval before he made himself king, he didn’t seek council or anything he just simply said I’m the new king and that’s that.

I feel we can all relate to this, how many times do we put ourselves in positions that we don’t belong? We declare that this is how it is and is going to be? Even on the opposite spectrum how many times is someone taking your position God has called you to? How many times has someone got into a position that was suppose to be yours?

There will be people out that that will try to take your position God has called you to without asking and without hesitation. Along with talking about how Adonijah did things himself; he sacrificed sheep, cattle, and fatten calves to himself to celebrate. First off you don’t sacrifice things for yourself secondly in those times the only ones who were able to do such things were people chosen by God. Third he was praising himself for becoming king that he wasn’t even asked to be.

No one asked Adonijah if he would be king, no one assumed except for him.

Enemies Work in Public But God Works in Private

Another thing that was pointed out to me was that God doesn’t need a audience to appoint and approve you for your position or calling. While Adonijah was publicly stating he was King and sacrificing publicly to himself; Nathan the prophet, Solomon’s mother, Solomon and King David were working in private. God had Nathan working in private to anoint Solomon. Nathan and Bethsheba went to King David and told him what Adonijah was doing.

While Adonijah was partying it up and celebrating himself God was working behind scenes. Nathan appointed Solomon with oil and they sounded the trumpets.

See it really doesn’t matter who put themselves in your position or calling because God has a way of working in private to make things right. God doesn’t need you to announce your success, boast it, or be in the lime light. Which can be hard but if you just let God work on you in private things will be so much better when made public.

Friends or Followers

The last thing that caught my eye was that when Solomon was declared King and the Kingdom rejoiced. Adonijah and his following that were partying grew fearful, his following then fled him, leaving him all alone and fearful for his life.

You have to ask yourself who is around you? Are they followers who will leave you in the moment or will they stand by your side. Are they someone who goes with whom ever in the “it” person or will they defend you and make things right?

See Nathan, Zadok, Benaiah, the Kerethites and the Pelethites were there for Solomon along side with Solomon’s mother. They stood by him when wrong doing was happening when he was probably being ridiculed and left out. They tried there best to make it right not only because they knew God had plans for Solomon but because they were truly there for him.

So keep in mind who you keep around you, ask yourself if they will be there when troubles happen or will they flee. Do you have people who are as faithful to God like Solomon’s mother and Nathan or not?


God works behind scenes, he doesn’t need an audience to prepare, place, and call you to purpose. He doesn’t need likes, followers, and other things to do what needs to get done. So don’t freight, if someone puts themselves in your calling or position give it time, be humble, and stay faithful!


  1. It’s been a long time since reading 1 Kings, so thank you for the reminder! I also appreciate your take on God working in private and behind the scenes. For me, it’s easy to try to make everything I think needs to happen now, and my way! Your post has reminded me to give it all to God.


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