Reasons You Should Always Pray For Your Husband

There is power in prayer.

It has a way of changing people, lifting people up, then letting God do the rest. When I first became a Christian I didn’t think it was important to pray for my husband, boy was I wrong. What made me realize that it was wrong was a book that a bunch of ladies from my church were reading in a group that they invited me too.

You should always pray for them. Praying for our husbands will not only bring you closer to God but sometimes closer to your man, even if he doesn’t pray for you.

First we need to understand that they deserve our prayers as much as anyone else. Being a wife is both loving and hard, a love/dislike relationship. You aren’t always going to like the things that they do, just like they wont always like the things that we do. Praying for them doesn’t mean asking for God to”change them”. It isn’t some rant you can send to God saying “Well he isn’t listening!” Trust me I know I have been there. It is hard not to pray those things. Even on their worst day’s they still deserve us to pray hard for them. I am sure they pray “She isn’t listening” too and God gives them the same answer.

prayer is the ultimate love language. It communicates in ways we can’t.

Stormie Omartian

We all need prayers, there isn’t a time that we don’t need them. Our husbands are no different. Just as a mother who prays for their children we need to be praying for our husbands. Pray for their problems, that they might find a resolution. Pray for their work, easing the day of hard work that they may face and that they will be safe while in whatever field of work they do. Pray for their discernment, the ability to make wise choices. Pray for their safety; going to and from work as well as those around him.

This reminds me of a movie called War Room, where a older lady helps ignite another woman’s prayer life in the middle of marital strife. One scene in particular brings this point up; Elizabeth’s friend had seen her husband (Tony) having dinner with another woman. He had intentions of going home with the other woman. When the friend messaged Elizabeth about seeing him, she started to pray, she prayed for discernment, for God to step in the way and help him. Not once did she ask to change him, cursing him out and blaming him but to just help him make the right choices. ***spoiler*** God did intervene, Tony never went home with the other woman.

Tony didn’t know at all that she prayed for him until later on when he found her war room. So you see we need to pray for our men. We need to pray that they make good choices, their health, there mind, there body and much more. I love the movie War Room, there are so many great messages in it.

***I only brought this scene up because it related to praying for husbands and because I like the movie***

Praying is a conversation between you and God but I noticed when I began to pray for my husband I wasn’t as, excuse my language, bitchy toward him. I didn’t nag as much. Now keep in mind my husband isn’t a believer but he knows I pray for him and odd enough as that is he will often ask me to pray for him in specific ways. He will ask me to pray for his work or for his health and more. This has which brought me closer with my husband. I am then having a deeper intimate relationship with my husband and God.

Praying for your husband will often give you an even deeper love for him. Knowing and having a relationship with my heavenly Father has only made me love my husband more, I have full trust in my husband in everything he does.

There are many times husbands get under our skins. We don’t always have to like everything they do to love them but when we pray for them it softens our hearts towards them and what we don’t like. It softens towards the things that nag at us, that bother us, and that of which eventually ends in bickering. Praying for our husbands doesn’t always mean “change him” prayers, it means to pray “change me” prayers to soften us.

Why? Doesn’t that see a little unfair, what if he has done wrong?

While that may be true, how did you react to that wrong? Did you fight back, did you call him names either out loud or in your heart? Did you argue until it lead to a fight? Did you listen to his points and what he had to say? A perfect example of this is given in a book by Stormie Omartian Power of the Praying Wife. She gives an example of her conversation with God when asking to change her husband;

“Do you see the way he is, Lord?”
“Do you see the way you are?”
“Lord, are You saying there are things You want to change in me?”
“Many things, are you ready to hear them?”
“Well, I guess so.”
“Tell me when you are really ready.”
“Why me, God? He’s the one that needs to change.”
“The point is not who needs to change. The point is who is willing to change.”
“But God that isn’t fair.”
“I never said life is fair, I said I am fair”

She goes on for a minute asking if she has to pray for her husband even if he doesn’t pray for her, God says precisely. She humbles herself and asks God to soften her heart, to change her. You see when we ask God to change us instead of changing the other person, it isn’t us forgetting what they have done but changes how we react to what was done. It is forgiving them and moving on, it is asking for understanding, it is praying for them anyway.

Prayer not only softens our hearts and humbles us, but also softens their hearts too. When I first became a Christian my husbands heart was a tad hardened by the thought. He didn’t have a good experiences with churches, God, or with people who represented Jesus. He was put off, if that makes any sense. He graciously understands for me to believe in what I wanted to believe in but still had snarky comments to say. I always went back to prayer, because at the end of the day you can argue with a camel to drink the water but it up to them to drink it, meaning I can’t force my husband by arguments or word to support me and believe this with me, all I can do is pray that he drinks. The one prayer I pray over our marriage is;

Ezekiel 36:26 “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh” I started to pray this over our marriage for both him and me. I would replace the I with God and you with my husbands name or mine.

Ultimately it looked like this; “God will you give my husband/me a new heart and put a new spirit in him/me/us; Will You remove his/my/our heart of stone and give him/me/us a heart of flesh” Over the course of a couple months of doing this we both started to soften up. We didn’t argue as much, we aren’t always as grumpy, and we are civil when it comes to talking about faith.

The last reason I want to share why you should also pray for you husband is it allows God to work out the problems, the flaws, the issues, the strife, and more. It allows God into your marriage on a intimate level where he can heal it or not. God loves us and wants a relationship with all of us and by praying for your husband you are not only building a relationship individually with him but with your marriage. You are trusting Him with what he has given you. My husband may not believe but he has understanding, he know that I pray for him and about our marriage. Like I said before he has seen my War Room, he knows that I allow God to work out all the little things and help defend us in the bigger situations.

We have all heard the grass is greener where you water it, but I like saying the grass is greener where you let God tend to it. No marriage is perfect and it never will be but by such a simple act as praying can help even the little things if not the big.

With all this being said even when there is change or no change, storms or no storms you should never stop praying for your husband.

Do you pray for your husband? If so do you see a change?


  1. Ah yes Power of a Praying, one of greatest prayer resources God has used Mrs Stormie to bless the female race with…God bless her. Yes War Room, power of spiritual warfare for our marriage, home. The devil hates the institution of marriage, wants to break families up, destroy our children with every tactic possible. If our men are too busy to be on their knees, the wife and mum has even greater responsibility to stand in the gap so her husband can assume his spiritual headship. May God continue to give us more grace,strength, teach us when to pray and how to pray. God bless u for this post dear sis


  2. I am terrible at remembering bible verses but this one always stands out to me when I pray for my husband who, like yours, is also a non-believer.
    Proverbs 21:1
    The king’s heart is like a stream of water directed by the LORD; he guides it wherever he pleases.
    It reminds me that God will work through my husband for the benefit of our family whether he believes or not. That is why praying for our husbands is so important. Really beautiful post!

    Liked by 1 person

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