You Are Seen And So Loved

“I just wanted to be like you mommy”

My daughter says when I questioned her why she has my high heels on parading around the house in her Belle costume. Her play makeup smeared all over her face while looking at me with curious eyes.

As she just smiles and shakes her head and says “I look beautiful like you!”All I could do in that moment was smile back and tell her how much I love her because she was having fun.

Something hit me just then, something I had been asking God, if he sees me because lately I have been struggling. I have been feeling lost and alone some days, I don’t know what was happening or what his plan was. I felt invisible waiting but he showed me through my daughter that I am seen.

Just like how I see her, God sees me; I am seen as his daughter who is beautiful, smart, and parading around the world in heels and makeup wanting to be like him, wanting to have something better for my future and my spirit. No matter my sin, my lost moments, my fits, or my brokenness God sees me. Just as he sees you.

A lot of the time, especially as we enter motherhood, we feel invisible. We feel like everything we do goes unseen without a thank you. Sometimes, sadly, out of frustration we then feel God even doesn’t see us either He doesn’t see the pain we go through or the strife we bare.

No matter how clean the kitchen looks,

No matter how worn down and beat we look.

No matter if we did all the laundry or left it sitting there,

No matter how stressed we are and stuck in a rut.

No matter if we actually has the effort to get dressed or remain in pajamas.

Our actions and feelings get left untouched and unseen by those around us. Either because we deny telling anyone of our suffering or because it will get brushed off as a “moment” that we are having. Which ultimately leaves us with more pain to bare. But in a flash that changes when sweet little moments happen. Moments where we are seen for what we really are and do.

Moments of mom playing with them on the floor

Moments of laughter and art projects

Moments of Grace

Moments of there sweet smiles and cheesy grins

Our children see that we love them through and through even when they dont always show it. They dont care if we have messy buns or perfect suits for the office. They don’t care if we slay all day at home or go work. They just know they see mom, their loving parent, someone they want to be like.

I don’t know about you but when they do sweet moments of dressing up like mom and saying I want to be like you, it reminds me of my purpose in this season of life. I am there mom no matter what. It reminds me to carry on because I AM needed. I AM seen for what I do and who I am.

I want to encourage some moms out there right now. You are doing your absolute best and your second biggest fan sees you. They see how much you deal with even when we try like hell to hide it. They see when they mess up and hope that you show them Grace for it. They see you as God sees you, a precious child of his who is only trying like hell to live, we are not perfect so we can’t be like him but we can come pretty darn close.

They see you Mommy (poem for a mom how is feeling unseen)

She sees you Mommy,

as a beautiful woman that you are,

because you are nothing but beautiful.

He sees you Mommy,

as a smart lady who can do anything you set your mind to.

How you overcome the battles you face.

She sees you Mommy,

for everything that you are worth,

because according to her heavenly Father you are worth more than rubies.

She sees you Mommy,

wanting to become just like you because you are Wonder Woman who can battle the stroms that come.

You are their role model on to which will become an example to them.

They see you Mommy,

for everything that you don’t even see yourself as.

So you see,

Even when your broken, lost, down hearted, feeling week, battling your self worth, and everything other strom you may be facing your children see you as nothing but truly amazing.

They teach us that we are truly amazing through everything that we do, God loves you Mommy. So pick up your head and know that it’s ok.

Matthew 11:28 “Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.’ ” We carry burdens that can be lifted, we are seen by him.


  1. What a comforting thought, that is moms are loved and appreciated by God, even if our kids don’t always notice what we do. Thanks for the reminder 💗


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