Being a Introverted Christian in a Extroverted Calling

I have always liked to think of myself as being an extrovert. Someone who is outgoing, and plain as I can put it a social bird. I can hold a good conversation. However I was once that person but over the years I have found myself to be more of an introvert with some extroverted moments.

I don’t like big social gatherings because I don’t know what to say or do. I end up sitting there like a dud in the corner people watching. If I am in a big gathering, like church for example, I smile a wave because I know its what is needed of me. I would like to be outgoing but I am awkward when I attempt to do so. I would much rather watch Netflix with the kids than go on play dates that they desperately need. However once I am comfortable in my setting I can become quite a talker.

So what does this all mean for my faith because doesn’t Christianity call us to be extroverted evangelist?

Spreading the Good News

In the New Testament we are told to “Go” to “Spread the Good News”. We naturally are called to evangelize; to preach the gospel to. Now I don’t know about you but I have a hard time spreading the good news. It’s not that I don’t want to, because believe me I do but I don’t always do it the right way or I freeze up when I try to. It doesn’t come naturally to me unlike most of my fellow church members I know. While reading a book they referenced this quote which I would like to share with you;

We love our kids. We’ll talk about our kids all day. We love our wives. We’ll talk about our wives. We love a sport. We’ll talk about that sport. But when we talk about Jesus, it doesn’t just flow out of this natural, this is who I am. I’m crazy about God and what He did for me. It’s supernatural how He answers my prayers, and I just love Him.

That type of conversation, I understand, is politically incorrect to talk that way, but nonetheless, I think the biggest problem in the church is this awkwardness. We just don’t know how to converse with people. We’re scared to do it, so we don’t do it.

Francis Chan

The best example I can give you is a woman I know in my church, lets call her Kate, is a excellent evangelist. Kate can talk to anyone and everyone about her faith and the good news. She has such a great attitude and is a natural born evangelist, nothing she says is awkward and she is confident in what she preaches.

For me it is a little different, I am not a good evangelist, period. I don’t know how to talk about my faith openly because I have been shot down before. I am very awkward when I talk about my faith and the good news. Also when I tried to simple share my faith because I was being asked about it I was told it sounded like I was shoving it down their throats. Which that isn’t what a Christian wants to hear and wasn’t what I was trying to do. However we are called to go and share the good news with others so that they too might also be redeemed.

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

Mark 16:15

Evangelism is a Gift

In the New Testament evangelism is a description of a gift. in Ephesians 4:11-12 it says “So Christ gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and the teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up” NIV

My hand study bible has a practical application summary at the bottom of the page which states; The Holy Spirit has given each Christian special gifts for building up the church, it goes on to say, Then as you being to recognize your area of service, use your gift to strengthen and encourage the church. You see evangelizing isn’t the only thing a Christian can do, I mean we should get comfortable talking about our faith because you will encounter people who will ask about it. However evangelizing isn’t the only thing I can do to serve or use to share the good news. My new favorite book Blessed are the Misfits by Brant Hansen talks about this one specific topic in his book, he points out;

Not everyone is an extroverted conversation starter. Not everyone is a wise counselor. Not everyone is naturally great at prayer or encouragement……

Brant Hansen; blessed are the misfits chapter seven page 66

I don’t know my gift fully yet, I do know that I am gifted in writing and creativity. I can think of really great ideas and can craft it up. I can get creative. I am good artistically hence me being a nerd all through high school. I do also know that I have not been gifted with extroverted evangelizing. Which is OK because I am still loved and welcomed by Jesus anyway.

Introverted Evangelizing

Since we know that evangelizing is a gift and that I am not really gifted with extrovert knowledge, what can I do?

Blogging has eased my awkwardness to a point where I feel that I can openly express and share my faith and the good news with you. Blogging has helped me release a inner writer that hopes to one day share even more of Jesus with you! Like I said above I can get real creative real quick. When I strike an idea i know more idea’s will follow it.

That isn’t really a thing right? How can you be a introvert and evangelize at the same time, well let me tell you there are more ways than one to get the good word out. Maybe not as effective as face to face that a extrovert can do at the tip of their hat but it still can happen. One way I have found that I can share the good news with you all and still be a introvert is simply what we are doing at this moment. Sharing it with you lovely people on a blog which you read and hopefully something will stick and be encouraging. I have a gift for writing, as long as I spell check my work as my grandmother would say.

Fellow Introverts

If you are anything like me and have a hard time sharing your faith or even wanting to go out there it is OK. Find what God has naturally given you as a gift and use that to the best you can for his purpose. I love curling up with my coffee and my bible alone in my bedroom and writing for you all and that is OK!


  1. Thank you for sharing. I can definitely relate. God has given me this blog as a way to minister for Him, right where I am. We are not all the same, but God can use us all just as we are. For some it’s writing and sharing through that gift. For others it is public speaking and ministering in front of crowds of people. For others it may be the gift of music. He made us and will gift us and prepare us each for our individual calls. The goal: for His Glory. You are more than enough. Thank you and have a blessed day!


  2. I also am an introvert, and can relate to much of what you’ve written here in this post. Thankfully God is faithful to continue to mold us, make us, and help us to be who He has created each of us to be. I think blogging is a good way to share Jesus, and when other opportunities come our way I pray that God enables us to be obedient to His call to share the Gospel. Blessings, my friend!


  3. This is definitely an area of prayer for many of us! As an introvert, I’ve been using my Instagram account as a platform to regularly share the gospel and I love it! But talking face to face with someone (even my unbelieving husband) suddenly makes it so much harder as I don’t have the practice of saying it out loud! So much easier for me to write it out!


  4. I am definitely an introvert as well. Sadly, introverts are severely misunderstood at times. I have been told before that people thought I was a snob, because I didn’t talk a lot. And I have also been told I am antisocial. It’s just hard for me to put myself out there. But when writing I am a lot braver. Thank you so much for sharing this post. It really means a lot to know there are others out there like me. 😊


  5. Introverts are naturally adept when it comes to actively listening. This is a quality most extroverts do not possess. Evangelist need excellent listening skills, which are more valuable than conversational skills.
    The world has coined the term ‘introverted’ but sadly that does not capture your potential for perfecting your ability to grow in ‘insight’ vs ‘eyesight’. “Introverts listen, you ‘think’ about things more deeply and carefully and are known for your thoughtfulness in how you process information.

    The extroverts need the companionship of introverts. Iron sharpens iron.
    Im glad you are all embracing your gifts and talents. That’s how we make each other stronger!

    Listening, perceiving, hearing, understanding, speaking when you have something to say are powerful wisdom tools.

    Let the extroverts get the conversation going, you sit back, stay watchful, assess and intercede in prayer….
    Perhaps this is why GOD sent them out two by two.
    So iron could sharpen iron.


  6. It’s crazy because I’m a very quiet person. But on here, I can talk endlessly about anything for hours. I guess it’s because I have a captive audience… but I think I’m picking up on the “😉😉” when I’m getting annoying…


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