Be a Leah in a World of Rachel’s

So today as I was picking my eldest up from school I decided to listen to a podcast done by Jon Jorgenson, The Joncast. I will state that I just found his podcast and I’m only on episode 5: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told. While listening to this particular episode he brought something up that I found so empowering to women that I wanted to share it with you guys.

Short Summary of Genesis 29

If you are unfamiliar with this story it is in Genesis 29:1-30. It is a story about Jacob going to his uncles land, setting eyes on Rachel, his uncles second born. Then Jacob fell in love with her from the moment he saw her.

Let me stop right there for a second and point out that he fell in love with her at first sight. Her looks, he didn’t know anything about her other than how beautiful he thought she was.

After seven years of hard labor to gain Rachel in marriage Laban (his uncle) tricks Jacob into marrying Leah, his firstborn daughter, who is less pleasing to the eyes. After a week of being married to only Leah and going back to work another seven years for his uncle, Laban gave Rachel to Jacob. I would suggest giving it a read if you don’t know it or want more than the cliff notes to it.

Jon talks about Leah

As I am listening to this episode Jon starts to talk about when Jacob arrives in Paddan Aram (Genesis 29). He talks about this story saying it’s the greatest love story ever told because of what Jacob went through to get the girl he loves so dearly, Rachel. The whole podcast wasn’t about Leah “per-se” but as I am listening to Jon’s podcast he pointed the direction of the audience to Leah for a second around 7 minutes into the episode. I would suggest to check it out to hear the whole point Jon was trying to make.

I just want to focus of what he was talking about Leah….

Now Leah wasn’t an eye catcher like her sister, “Leah had weak eyes, but Rachel had a lovely figure and was beautiful” Genesis 29:17 NIV, we don’t know for sure what they mean by this fully. Weak eyes, according to what my study Bible defined it as eyes that lacked luster, dull or diminished in the ability to see. So we can only assume that she may have been less desirable by a worldly standard.

Another point to think about, that can only lead me to this assumption is that the only way to marry off his oldest daughter, who was “weak eyed”, was to trick poor Jacob into it.

I don’t know about you but I am starting to see something that we can associate with if you ever felt like this. She was the cast-a-way, the less desirable sister. She probably felt less than because of her sister’s beauty. Have you ever felt that way, when a sibling is a little more desirable that you and you feel as if you were second runner up?

I don’t know about you but I have felt like a Leah from time to time. Mainly before I got married and from an occasional time even now. Undesired, less than, judged, made fun of because of my looks, and the list could go on. I was the second choice to guys who I liked. I was the afterthought that nobody wanted, much like Leah.

Well let me tell you that is 100%……


God made us and he doesn’t make mistakes when making his creations. Just because someone calls us fat, ugly, worthless, less desirable, weak-eyed doesn’t mean it is true. It means that they can’t see the beauty within that is more valuable than the outward body.

Even though I am married, I often feel less desirable than the countless other women my husband could have chosen, the Rachel’s of the world. I often ask him why me and my jelly rolls. He laughs and says because a fat guy loves jelly doughnuts.


Here was my ah-ha moment!

We know God doesn’t make mistakes, however, we also know God takes the unqualified, the undesirable, the broken and turn them into great things or doings. This was all apart of God’s plans.

Jon pointed out something interesting that I didn’t know before, Leah gave birth to Judah, Jesus’ 37x great grandfather. I don’t know if that is a for sure number I tried to count, and each time I counted it was 37. Please correct me I am wrong!

Jon continues to point out

Jacob had several wives by whom he had many many many sons. But it was only through his son Judah that Jesus was brought forth. So even though Jacob had many wives and only one of those wives gave birth to Judah. Only one of those wives is part of a line that would bring forth the Savior of the world.

-The Joncast, Jon Jorgenson

It was Leah; the second choice, the undesirable, less than, and the weak-eyed who brought great change. She is the one who even in her undesirable situations brought something amazing to the world.

Now, what is more, empowering to hear than that ladies? The discarded, second thought was the one who was truly beautiful.

Knowing that now when we feel undesired, when we feel like the second choice, less than, weak-eyed, fat, ugly, thin, and whatever else the world sees us as, we have a purpose. We may not always see it but we have one.

I want to tell you no matter what the world tells you, what the world thinks of you, or what the world tries to convince you of, you are beautiful!

You are so worth it…

You are amazing, smart, funny, desired, bright-eyed, qualified and so much more important than that…

You are Loved!

So in a world of Rachel be a Leah.

When the world desires a Rachel, be the Leah that loved even when she wasn’t loved in return and stayed grounded when her situation was undesirable. She remained faithful to her husband even when he loved Rachel a little bit more.

She found fulfillment in her sons and daughter! She knew she was blessed!

So I will say again to those who are reading this, when you are unsure, down, feeling discarded and undesirable……God has a plan for all of us! He loves you! Know that you are desirable and wanted! BE A LEAH



  1. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Beautiful and unique in the eyes of my Creator. Thank you for this lovely post.


  2. As someone who fell in love with her husband at first sight and he with me, I need to disagree over the beauty bit because we both were not the best looking in the gathering in which we met but were actually led to each other by God. Too much of our story to go into here but when I read about Leah and Rachel I don’t automatically feel that it was only good looks that attracted him.


    1. I would like to say 100% that I am happy that you fell madly in love at first sight. Everyone’s take on beauty and what is beautiful is different, I have read the Rachel and Leah story over and over the past two years, what I can tell you is everyone can read the scriptures and it reach everyone a little differently in different seasons of life. I do believe there probably was more to their love after seeing her beauty first, if you were to put Rachel and Leah side by side however I don’t think Jacob would have picked Leah willingly over Rachel because of her beauty.


  3. I have definitely felt like Leah with an older sister who was a beauty queen.

    I did not realize Leah was the one in the Messiah’s family tree roots. That is cool! Thanks for sharing this!

    We all have something to contribute to the world bo matter how the world sees us.


    1. We do! It is amazing that we have something to offer.

      And yeah I didn’t know that either until it got pointed out in the podcast! I thought that was pretty cool!


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