Curology Review

As many of you may not know, I have had problems with acne my whole life. Well at least my preteen and on stages of life. I have tried a lot of things like toothpaste, facials, birth control, creams and moisturizers. Well I kind of was on my last hope because most of what I listed helped for a couple days to months then stopped working or didn’t work at all!

A while ago I posted how rose oils helped my skin and it’s true rose oils has helped, mostly with the inflammation of acne but didn’t make it disappear completely. However like I said it did take the edge off of the irritation which left my skin feeling soft, and a natural glow! I also loved the smell of it.

Anyway; I have always had problems with my chin, the bottom half of my cheeks, and forehead. I couldn’t break the breakout cycle! No matter how hard I felt like I tried, well I came a crossed an ad much like what we use to see as proactive. Remember those commercials! Well Curology states that they personalize your creamer to your specific need not just an over all formula that can be sold. I guess they offer this personalized formula to target your problem areas and to help better. ( doesn’t that sound familiar)

I felt compelled to try it however. I got my first month free for trying and after that I could pay a certain amount a month depending on what package I would like to purchase.

photo clip from Curology website -> here

When you first start you take a small questionnaire that helps specify what you are looking for then you are to send in pictures of the problem areas on your face. My main concern was my under chin, chin, and forehead. I did have acne that would be all over even on my cheeks. After you load your pictures they have a dermatologist message you back with a treatment plan that might work best for you! It took them a couple days to message me back but it was a fast process. I was told my problem areas where due to oil glads and high female hormones. Birth control can help but in my case it didn’t (not only for that reason but my birth control’s that I’ve taken in the past made me violent and angry all the time, which I didn’t like at all). I got my treatment and a full on battle plan for how to apply the face cream and when best to apply it. My formula includes;

photo clip from my treatment plan

The Azelaic Acid, I was told, fights the dark spots in addition to it being and having antibacterial, anti-fungal and pore-unclogging properties. The Clindamycin is an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory with powerful effects for fighting against acne. The Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 that acts as an antioxidant.

Most people see results with in 3-8 weeks depending on how your skin takes to your new formula, I found it took two weeks to start seeing a difference. I did notice that my face didn’t look as red or irritated a couple days after though. My suggested routine is, in the morning I need to wash face with cleanser and then apply a a sunscreen/moisturizer that is a SPF 30. Cetaphil pro oil absorbing moisturizer SPF 30 is a perfect moisturizer if you don’t get the Curology package that comes with one. My night routine is to wash face with a cleanser then apply a thin layer of my new treatment cream, after that apply a small thing of moisturizer.

When they say apply a thin layer of your formula they aren’t kidding, it takes maybe half of a penny for your face, and your only suppose to apply it to your problem areas. In less than a month the photos above were taken apart from each other. Majority of my problems areas cleared up, I still get very small breakouts if I do t use my product every night. I have some scaring left, like I said before my acne is based off hormones so it fluctuates. Overall it is a good product to use, lets talk about some of the pricing now. For it being a product that is personalized and made to order, pricing is fair.


They have three packages to choose from after your first trail month free, the first package is the lowest; it’s a small personalized formula bottle that ships and charges monthly. It’s 19.95 plus shipping which comes out to like $25 dollars. It isn’t to bad like I said for it being made to order verses over the counter. The second package is a larger personalized formula bottle that ships and charges every two months at $35 dollars with free shipping. The last package is the personalized formula, moisturizer, and cleanser that ships and charges every two months at $59 with free shipping.

I would like to get the last package but I am not about paying $60 for creams and moisturizers that I can buy else where that work just as well that the dermatologist had suggested if I didn’t get the package with all three. I personally just wanted the formula bottle. They do have a feature that if you need to cancel at any time they offer pausing your account instead. It has come in handy a few times when I couldn’t pay for it right away.

Start your Free Trial today -> Here

*disclaimer I am not being paid by Curology to share this post or link, I am just sharing my story and what I found works. The link being use is to the free trail, if you sign up via link it gives me $10 in credit. I am trying to be 100% honestest, the pictures are from Curology they are not mine, the only one that is mine is the image in the header of this post that is box with the words I was made for you*

What is a product you like to use for your face/acne?


  1. Great post! I’ve never heard of Curology but it sounds like a legitimate, honest company that knows what they’re doing! I tried an Acne treatment plan as a teenager that made my face super dry and itchy so I’ve been super skeptical to try anything else. However, I will definitely look into this company in the near future as it sounds like each plan is tailored to an individual’s needs, which is so much better than assuming a one-product-fits-all type business.


  2. I’m so glad you found something that works for you! Adult acne is SOOOOO annoying and I’ve struggled with it too. I had it HORRIBLY as a teenager too. Turns out I have PCOS… so once I started getting that under control, the acne is starting to get better too.


  3. I’ve been wanting to try this! I break out in the same places as you, it seems so hard to keep those areas clear. I’m definitely going to look into getting products from them!


  4. That’s so awesome that they customize it for you and your skin! The only time I’ve had trouble with acne was right after my thyroid was removed and my hormones were all out of whack. Luckily, once I got the thyroid under control the acne was controlled, too.


  5. It’s such a relief when you find something that works! I’ve been doing a lot of trial and error with skin care products lately to try to find something to calm down the redness. It’s a tiring process!


  6. That’s great you found something. I have Rosacea and man at times I flareups. Would you need to be out of the sun when using this?


  7. So good that you have finally found something that works for you! It’s always a struggle with so many products on the market. Even better when it’s something natural!


  8. Wow! nice… Glad to know that something works. I know so many people who have acne issues and have tried lot of things which doesn’t really work their way. Thank you for the feedback. Will share it with few friends I know


  9. Thank you so much for sharing this! I can’t believe they customize their formula to your own skin needs! This is such a great idea! I can’t wait to give them a go!


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