Our Ladies Retreat at Forest Homes

Hey y’all it has been a while since I last posted something. I have been playing catch up on a lot of things lately. Today I want to talk with y’all about a Ladies Retreat my family (my mother, grandmother, auntie and I) took. It is a post long over due by I have been busy since. More like procrastinating and not wanting to write anything for a while

On Friday April 5th of this year a small group of ladies from our church were able to take part in a three day Ladies Christian Retreat with a few other churches. We made a almost four hour drive to a place near San Bernardino area. It is actually outside of the Redwood area in California but anyway, the place that this retreat was help was at Forest Homes Christian Camp. This was my first time ever going on a ladies retreat like this!

I have to say it was beautiful! Better than Mt. Charleston here in Vegas anyway. Well when we arrived we were able to check in and go to the cabin like lodge that our church was staying in. There was only 24 ladies from our church that decided to go on this trip, that is including the four of us that went. After we got settled in we were able to explore for a little bit, we got our name badges and schedules for the weekend seminar type thing we attended and then had dinner.

Dinner was actually really nice the first night, it was a gourmet type style. WE had a three course meal first it was a mash something ( I don’t remember what it was I just know it was good), then as the main dish it was chicken and country potatoes, dessert was a lemonade lemon cake thing. Overall it was really delicious but the other meals we had was buffet style.

After dinner we went to worship then to small group, our speaker was Deanna Ramsey. The whole weekend she was our speaker and talked about her testimony and things that can be learned from, the rest we need, and more points that I have notes on. Long story short she has had a hell of a ride in life and her blessings are many. Our small group though met near our cabin in a old cottage thing down a beaten path in the woods at night.

It was like a scary movie, I felt bad because most of the ladies that attended from our church were older or had knee and hip problems. For them to go down a beaten path which was slightly steep was dangerous but we helped them out.

One of our members was missing, so me and Jessica, a new friend I made went to look for her. Turns out about five minutes after we left she showed up at the small group cottage. She took a back path to the small group so we didn’t see or know she showed up.

Funny thing is as Jessica and I were out looking for her we thought she went up to Victory Circle for an event happening after small group, as we started to walk up this steep path it was no only foggy but dark. We didn’t want to go up all the way and it started to feel like cabin in the woods. Well as we started to turn around Jessica turned her flash light to this bolder that had a scripture on it that said “Do not be afraid for the Lord is with you” we looked at each other and said nope and went back down to the cottage were our missing member had been the whole time.

Saturday after breakfast, service/seminar, solo time and small group we were able to have free time to enjoy the amenities of the camp site. They had toured hikes, a zip line, arts and crafts, a coffee shop, fire pits (because it was actually cold there), a club house, schedule foot messages, and gift shop. I chose to have alone time and do some personal bible time. about half way through it my Auntie invited me to go do some arts and crafts with her! We each picked something we wanted to paint and painted them, we were able to use whatever supplies we needed for our crafts. I picked two things, a cross and a MR.&MRS. sign! I think I did an OK job.

My mother, auntie, and grandmother wanted to zip line but didn’t end up doing it. The way there was to rocky and they possibly were going the wrong way. I don’t really know what happened due to me not being with them! I kind wish I had gone with them because that would have been a funny site to see. I am not one for zip lines, roller coasters, or things like that. My feet stay on the ground thank you! Ha ha…..

After which we walked around for a bit then went back to the cabin to get ready for dinner and worship service/seminar. Sunday was our last day there, we were suppose to leave around 1 p.m but my mother was starting to feel under the weather so we left a bit earlier. Before we left however I decided to talk a much needed walk to clear my head.

I took a small hike up this path that was next to our cabin. Along this path had giant rocks that have engraved scriptures, at the top/end of this path there was a place Forest Homes called Victory Circle. Which was a different place to worship, it kind of reminded me of Shakespeare in the Park. Same place that me and Jessica wondered to at night, which is way less scary during the day than a foggy night scene.

I actually have a different post for that little side story! During my little hike a friend of mine Kelly joined me to make sure I was OK. After the second to last worship service we left and made our way back home.

Overall Forest Homes was a nice place to take a weekend trip to, they had a lot of neat things to do. Events that were exciting to partake in, I liked the fire pits because it was nice to hang out around! I didn’t like that we didn’t get any service up there and that the WiFi had to be paid for (thank God they gave us a code for a four day free WiFi pass because we were on the ladies retreat trip), the WiFi only worked if we were in the dinning area or next to the club house. It was hard to keep in contact with the kids and husband at home who needed help with a couple questions.

Forest Homes was a little bit confusing to get to, maybe because it might have been our first time there but it was hard to understand were public parking was because no one told us before we got there. We couldn’t call for help because we didn’t have service or the pass before checking in! So it was a fun mini 10 minute adventure to find out where to park and where our cabin was!

Our group of women who came with on the Forest Homes trip
The group of ladies from our church that attended! We had shirts made of all of us to ware!

I will say that I had a very up lifting, much need, break for a weekend to be just me and away for mom/wifely duties! I got to actually read my bible for more than 30 minutes. I didn’t need to worry about cleaning up after anyone, no laundry pile to wash, and I got to be around friendly community. We were the only church attending from Vegas so it was a little more fun to experience. I would do it again if our church does this again!

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