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If there is something that I enjoy doing it is reading other blogs out there that inspire and encourage those around. Who doesn’t right? I love reading blog’s that are from different parts of the world not only because they are culturally different than what I know but have amazing insight and views. So I went out on a hunt to find people/writers/artist/bloggers from around the world. I only found a few so far but I am planning on extending this more.

I wont take up too much time but I want to welcome these ladies with happy and warm hearts. I have started to follow these blogs because they are very intelligent, they have a warm heart, and are amazing bloggers! Only kind words to say! Some of them have longer blurbs than others but all is welcome…..

1. Miz_Ola

My name is Olawunmi Amusa. Originally from Nigeria, but I’m currently staying in Frederick, Maryland. I’m the last of seven kids and I’m super proud of my family. I started writing because I had several conversations with people who wanted to understand the contents of the Bible. My posts are inspired by the lessons I learn from my personal Bible study. Writing has always been a huge passion of mine and I’m excited that God is using this as an avenue to reach out to people. An interesting fact about me is the first part of my name. I prefer going by the name Mz_Ola because Ola means wealth. And Oh!!! I’m very good with numbers.

If you would be so kind to check out her blog at, she has a unique blog and has a lot of interesting insights. My favorite post of hers is Be “Image” Conscious- The Esther Series! If you want to check that out please got here.

2. Carolyn Soto Jackson

I come from the hearty Texas country side and even though I live in the city, I still embrace my inner country girl and it seems to keep me humble. I spent years trying to soften my country accent and to this day, sometimes, even the long “I’s” still come out. I enjoy road trips, fishing, cycling and visiting tea shops; all which have absolutely nothing to do with one another. It’s quirky but I chalk it up to a well rounded personality, which is completely opposite of my husband but we will get to that shortly.

I graduated from the University of Houston with a major in psychology and minor in studio arts. I am a digital retouch artist and photographer for one of the most prestigious studios in the state and have my own brand on the side. Though I absolutely love photography, writing for God has been heavy on my heart for many years. About a year ago, I finally had the guts to jump in and write for the Audience of One. I put my fears aside, unplugged my thoughts about the number of subscribers and decided to write, just as God requested me to do. At Song of Happiness, you will find a repository of my personal experiences, spiritual insights and as of the last year, sermons. Song of Happiness derives from my name, Carolyn which means, “Joy: Song of Happiness.” Though I enjoy writing about numerous topics, my niche is finding joy in journey. I blame it on the name in which my parents gave me.

I am a new(er) wife to Daniel, married in October 2016, and mother of a fur baby, Moose. I actually met my husband four years before we started dating in a salsa dance class. He literally drew the short straw and lost a bet with his dad because his mother wanted to take dance classes. We spoke once a year on our birthdays (we are two days apart) and other than that, we never spoke after dance class. Four years later, he asked me out to a car show and we never stopped seeing each other. Theoretically, he’s asked me to be his wife but never asked me to be his girlfriend. I should really address this. Though I was more friends with his mother in dance class, when we did finally go out on our date years later, once he came into the studio to pick me up, I gave him a big hug and instantly asked about his mother. With tears rolling down his face, he told me she had passed three months ago to the date. So, not only is my mother-in-law laughing at the outcome, I made my future husband cry on our first date. 
Thank you for taking a sneak peek into my little wild life and I hope to collaborate soon! 

Carolyn Soto Jackson

Carolyn Marie Photography

3. Taylor Lee

Hello! My name is Taylor Lee and I am a writer and Family Transformation Coach from the Tennessee Mountains who enjoys drinking way too much coffee! Sharing self care tips on achieving real goals with your children and family is my passion. Consistent, confident communication is my goal. I love helping families with tricks and tips to make their family successful! A fun fact about me would be that I love interior design- I’ve been working on modernizing my 70’s retro home in my spare time!

Taylor Lee

4. Betty

I’m Elizabeth A. Rojugbokan known as Betty the blogger, career person and family woman behind The King’s Diadem Blog. Originally from Nigeria! On my blog, I offer encouragement to people from all walks of life and share faith based coping strategies to life issues. Started my teaching ministry over 15 years ago and have a vision to make my blog the one stop place for getting bible based answers to life issues.There are several fun facts about me such as; I love shopping and also like trying out new electronic gadgets. But as a rule, I don’t buy any electronic gadget that I cannot conveniently afford.

An additional fact about me is that I’m a Cybersecurity specialist who works a regular 9 to 5 job, and although I’m originally from Nigeria I’m presently based in the U.S.With an Msc. in Cybersecurity from Sacred Heart University and an MBA from University of Leicester, UK, it only makes sense that I have an affinity for high tech products.My blog is still fairly new but I’m glad that I’m able to make a positive impact in someone’s life. Please check out my blog and follow me on social media.My social media handles are;


5. Sienny Yong

I am Sienny Yong aka SiennyLovesDrawing from Malaysia. Have started my art blogging journey initially to share on handrawn art & handwritten typo. Then receiving media invitations & then venturing into lifestyle blogging by believing in sharing own experiences about lifestyle, food&travel, beauty, wellness, art & cultures etc. Always interacting with my readers & followers by replying each & every comments / personal messages received. Actually Sienny not just loves drawing, but loves to travel around, exploring different art, heritage & culture, also enjoying foods (at the same time worrying of gaining weight :P), typical coffee addict & many more. Life is too short if not to enjoying every moments & things we like. Fun fact? I love emojis….You can observe from my blogging passion via

FB: Sienny Yong (personal) and @siennylovesdrawing
IG, G+, LinkedIn and Youtube: @siennylovesdrawing
Twitter and Pinterest: @siennylovesdraw

6. Macy

My name is Macy, I am the author of the blog My Life As Macy and I also run my own small business, Sunset Sticker Co,  that I started when I was 17 using money I got from my graduation. A little bit about me – I am originally from a super small town in Northern California (think of a place where there is a higher population of cows than there are people!), but I am currently living in Eugene, Oregon where I am a junior at the University of Oregon majoring in business. I am not sure yet what career path I want to follow as most of my life I had always wanted to be an attorney, but for now I am just enjoying the journey of finding that path! I love the beach, reading, writing, travel, and my dog who is my best friend.

My blog is still fairly new, but I have always had a blog or YouTube channel off and on since I was young. I started My Life As Macy originally as a way for me to start sharing my boyfriend and my’s travels this summer, but I realized I loved writing more than I had originally thought so it grew into what it is now – a lifestyle blog, telling the story of a college girl “taking life one day at a time.” I share my writing, fashion/beauty tips and must-haves, my favorite books, planning and organizations, travel and much more.

One fun fact about me is that I am a Gemini, and if you know anything about zodiac signs then you know the Gemini sign is twins. I do not have a twin, but my sister and I are what is considered “Irish Twins”, meaning we were both born less than 12 months apart. In fact, we are 11 months and 3 weeks apart to the day, so for 7 whole days we are the same age every year, and I just think this is really cool that as a twin sign, I have an Irish twin.

7. Carissa

Faith and Felt Obsession is all about inspiring Bible quiet book making. You can get ideas, tutorials, sewing tips and free template  downloads – everything you need to get your own book finished. Carissa D grew up on a farm and is ‘Mama” to Tahlia D. They create fun ways to share scripture with children – and not just the typical fluffy stories you find in every kid’s Bible books. They call Australia home until it is time for Heaven!



Well there you have it guys a few bloggers from around the world! If you are interest in being featured please contact me, submissions are open here. I am thinking about doing this bloggers around the world once every two months. 6-10 slots will be available I will upload a page for submissions with in the next week or so with regulations and what I would like to be emailed. So don’t forget to subscribe to get a heads up on when submissions will be opened!

Please go and visit these lovely ladies and show them some Wild Life love! They are a small group of talented women who took the time to write a small blurb about them and their blogs. They took time out of there day’s to share a word for y’all!


  1. Thanks Alexis – it is great to get a list of encouraging bloggers from around the world that we can follow and learn another viewpoint from! I’m happy to be included 🙂


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