We Listen to Christian Rock Music Too

What if I told you there are Christian artists out there that aren’t as soft spoken. Artists that praise God just in a different way, a way that is a little more heavy and head banging it out with a guitar in hand. With that being said there is a stereotype out there that Christians listen to one certain type of music, while this may be true to some who solely listen to that, there are many other genres that are christian and faith based. I, myself , gravitate more toward the heavier stuff, however I do listen to a very diverse area of music. From Alternative to Rock and from Soft Christian to 80’s, 70’s, and 60’s! I grew up with listen to rock like AC-DC, Elvis, Ben King, Guns and Roses, Metallica, Beach Boys and more.

There is no deny that the songs Christians can listen to are often powerful and bring worship. Artists like and songs sung in churches now a days across country

  • Oceans-Hillsong
  • You Say- Lauren Daigle
  • 10000 reasons- Matt Redmen
  • Reckless Love- Cory Asbury
  • God Only Knows– Kings and Country
  • How Great Our God/Good Good Father- Chris Tomlin
  • We Believe- Newsboys

The examples above are some of the greatest worship songs that I adore listening to both in church and during bible time. These are great songs to just have on period. However while the list of well known worship songs could go on, there are christian artists that aren’t as soft spoken as these mentioned above. Which is covered in my Top Ten below, the bands that I have picked aren’t even the half of it but the ones I listen to most often. I feel that they keep very well with meaningful and very relatable faith messages.

I know there are many out there that will disagree with me that the only acceptable things that Christians should listen to is the soft stuff. Those out there who don’t appreciate this kind of music. While I can agree with you that there are many metal/rock bands out there that aren’t the best for you. I feel that you should limit how you can praise to just one type of music. I know there are christian rappers that rap about praise, worship, god and faith over drugs, cars, money and sex. Over all its a matter of opinion……

My Top Ten

Here is a my list of “Heavy” or “Rock” Christian Bands to Listen too. Each band has many songs that are so deep and I have connected with. Each of them have way of praise that is so energetic and getting pumped!


Radical and God is With us is two outstanding song. They are considered alternative christian rock.


Flash back to the 80’s and men wearing brightly colored spandex. (when spandex was for men) If your into the 80’s music you would like this band. Free is a good song, along with The Valley

Thousand Foot Krutch

Much like Skillet they have their own authentic sound

P.O.D (Payable on Death)

Youth of the Nation is probably a well known song of theirs and one of my favorites along with Alive & Goodbye for Now. They have a unique type of music!

12 Stones

The Way I Feel is probably one of their best. They are post grunge from the 2000’s to present


Breath into Me is one of the songs I listen to. Great vocals and guitar. Unstoppable is one of my favorites as well.

Nine Lashes

Anthem of the Lonely and Break the World are on my playlist as well. They are a band I just discovered

Ashes Remain

On My Own is probably one of my favorites. it reminds me that I can not do this life on my own. I need him, I need his word, and his grace.


Husband and Wife band, I can’t tell you how many times I always go back to Skillet. I have all of their albums on hand and on playlist, some songs I repeat are
One Day To Late
Feel Invincible
Sick of It

The Letter Black

I like to call The Letter Black a christian version of Evanescence. I personally see similarities but I love what they bring to the table as husband and wife christian rock band. Hanging on by a Thread is a great song to start with

Some other Great Faith Bands to check out are:

  • Fit for a King
  • For All Eternity
  • Pillar
  • Sent by Ravens
  • Newsboys
  • Flyleaf
  • BarlowGirl
  • Superchick
  • Kutless

So fellow christian rocker, we can rock out too! Don’t be ashamed to rock out, lift those fits into the air, and head bang!

*disclaimer photos of album or band images are from google they are not mine*

What is some songs you guys listen too?


  1. My hubby is a fan of Demon Hunter and a few of the others you mentioned in this post. Some I had not heard of I will have to mention to him.

    For me, as long as the lyrics help you focus on Jesus and what He’s done for you, that’s what matters. The genre is purely a personal preference.

    I appreciate this list so I can find some new music I haven’t heard before. Thanks!


    1. Demon Hunter is a good one! I havent listen to them in a while! Your 100% right as long as it helps you focus on Jesus thats all that should matter! I, sadly, had someone tell me that I should listen to these bands because they aren’t gospel music so I felt the need to reciprocate.


  2. So I am going to have to check these out because Nicole (Casual Reflections) told me during a twitter convo to listen to Toby Mac and I did and was pleasantly surprised! I guess I am going to have to venture into new horizons – thanks! Xo


    1. Some of these are hard rock so expect guitar solos and a lot of drums and what not. Other wise they are truly great bands it may not be for everyone and thats ok. I just started listening to him and Hollyn


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