Let’s Thank The Fathers Too

I often write about mothers, motherhood, how hard mom-ing is and more. However there is another person out there that we all forget all about. Dads! Yeah that’s right you read it right, Dads/Fathers. Unfortunately a lot of us (including me) don’t give them the credit that they deserve and also need. I am talking out the Fathers out there that are true fathers, the ones who stepped up to the plate and didn’t back down, the ones who need this encouragement.

Some of you are probably thinking WHY? they should already know right?


Well let me answer that for you, they do a lot! Actually they do many things like us mothers. They hold the family together, they put just as much pressure on their shoulders to get it right, the pressure be the perfect father, they worry about what they are doing, how they are going to do it. They provide, protect, serve, and guide the family whether that is working or staying at home. They shape how our precious little boys should act as a man and shape what are daughters are to be treated like (like a humble queen that deserves the best).

A father’s influence in his daughter’s life shapes her self-esteem, self-image, confidence and opinions of men.


Boys on the other hand, will model themselves after their fathers. They will look for their father’s approval in everything they do, and copy those behaviors that they recognize as both successful and familiar.
Thus, if dad was abusive, controlling, and dominating, those will be the patterns that their sons will imitate and emulate. However, if father is loving, kind, supportive, and protective, boys will want to be that.

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Men Need Affirmation

I understand that some of us find it hard to give credit and affirmation for things when we are selves don’t get it in return like doing the house cleaning and dishes. However it is important to realize and understand that mentally/emotionally fathers go through the same things we go through. They think about themselves often the same way we think about ourselves. Guys just know how to hide it or show it differently. They self doubt and wonder if they are doing it all right, wait…….now doesn’t that sound familiar?

Studies Show

Statistic say that fatherless children are seven times more likely to be a teen parent, more likely to commit crime, abuse others, have identity issues and mental health issues, as well as likely to be a school drop out. 1 in 4 households are a fatherless home, that is almost
19.7 million children without a father in their life. That seems huge compared to homes without mothers.

Reason behind the Thanks

I wanted to talk about this subject due to watching my husband, who was playing on the floor with our children. So I stopped and watched him, intently playing with our kids, making them laugh and smile! Even thought he came home, dead and tired he took the time to play with them, to make them smile, and to tell them he loves them.

I realized that moment there are a lot of things he does for us that I don’t give him credit for. Things that he doesn’t ask us to celebrate, praise or give credit to, things that he dismisses. Like going to work at six in the morning (sometimes without breakfast) to work his butt off to provide for us. Loving us without question and wanting to do better for our family. I will admit there are a lot of things I wish he would do without being asked of him like reading to the kids, arts and crafts, taking out the trash, and some house chores . However I know he does things in his way and will do them eventually.

When I met my husband I was a single mother to my oldest who was three, my husband could have walked away from our relationship but he didn’t. He stepped up when someone else wouldn’t! So here is an extra thank you to those men out there, how with out a doubt, who were willing to step up and provide for those who were not theirs.

Dear Fathers,

Let me start of by saying from one parent to another, Thank You! I know parenting is hard no matter what age the child is, I know that being a parent requires a lot from you. Thank you for not backing out when you could have easily walked away. Thank you for teaching our children what they should act like as a man/woman, how to treat others and how others should treat them. Thank you for protecting us and for being you. There is a lot that we don’t see or appreciate from you guys. Things like trying your hardest everyday and providing for the family. You work your butt off to make sure there is food in the fridge and meals on the table. So this is for you! Please don’t stop trying your hardest, providing, protecting, and teaching! Please don’t stop even when you think that you don’t matter because you really do. You play a very crucial part of the family that mom’s can’t always be. We can’t always be a father figure. We can’t always teach them things like you can. I know this from experience. Fathers thank You for doing what you do! We are not perfect, no one is! Thank you for being consistent and strong for the family.


  1. I was just thinking this when I was writing mine – I write most things in the first person narrative, but good men and husbands deserve lots of kudos! I got a good one too! xo


  2. My dad and I struggled when I was younger, mostly because we’re so similar in that we both think we’re right, we’re both stubborn, and we’re both quick to anger. However as we’ve both gotten older that has thinned out and now I’ve come to really respect my dad.


  3. My husband does so much around the house and for our family, too. We both work from home, so we both share the load on almost everything. He does almost as much housework as I do. He just takes care of the outside more often while I do the inside. I have to say, I feel like we are pretty good at thanking each other even for things such as unloading the dishwasher or folding the clothes.


  4. So lovely. I know just what you mean. I was reminded of this very subject last night when my eldest was REALLY upset about a bad day at school, and my husband calmed her down and helped her work through it like only he can. And I told him so.


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