Reading the Bible in a Year

So at the beginning of the year I made it a goal to read the bible either in order or front to back. I have decided along with a bible group I am in to read the bible in chronological order. Now let me say I honestly thought in order and front to back was the same.

Reading the bible in a year has always been one of my goals but I never did so because I felt that it was to hard and that I wouldn’t understand it. I always ended up stopping after Numbers. Then just flipping through Psalms and Proverbs. Which I ended up picking books at random to read at one point which isn’t the best of ideas.

If you are like me, I didn’t know that bible wasn’t in order that it is placed in. For example Job is second in chronological order after Genesis. I had no idea why I thought the bible was already in order but I did. There are many benefits to reading the whole bible and in chronological order. For me reading it this way will help me understand it better.

Tips to Reading the Bible in a Year

First go at your own pace. Please don’t feel like you need to rush through it to make it all if in a year. Take time to actually read it and understand it. Going through it fast will only damage your knowledge in understand it. You won’t get it’s full potential when reading through it like a chapter book. However on the flip side if you have the free time to knock out a week worth of reading and can do it so you will get the fullness from it then do so.

Second if you are having problems being held accountable for reading it, do it with a group from church or friends of yours. Don’t feel like you have to do this alone. By all means though if you want to do it alone, go right ahead.

Third make time for it! Don’t put it off till the last second, don’t try to squeeze it in your busy schedule. Make your schedule fit around it. God and learning what the bible has to offer is just as important as daily life. I have chosen to do my daily chapters at night after the kids are asleep and in the morning before they wake. Make it a habit like I stated in a previous post!

Fourth S.O.A.P about it, if you can read the days that are listed and can take the time needed then you should journal while reading about it. Not only will it help you understand but gives you something to look back to and read for reference and note taking purposes.

Benefits to Reading in Chronological Order

First benefit is reading the bible in chronological order gives you a better understanding historically what the time line is. I now have a woman’s study bible that show physical time lines in the beginning of each chapter with dates of both people in that book and of world events that happened in that book. Knowing what the actual time line is can kinda give you a better understanding of the time period it takes place in and what is happening.

Second benefit is you learn that the bible wasn’t in order! You get to read how things were, in order and not spread out. You get to understand what was written first and last. I didn’t know that Job was right after Genesis, but it made scenes after reading it. You learn something new everyday. With the bible plan you also read a little each day so you don’t feel overwhelmed with trying to finish it.

Third benefit is you dive even deeper into God’s word. I think this is the best benefit of all don’t you think? Ok how about the benefit that you will understand God personally and his characteristic a little better from day one to now, you get a clearer picture of our God and the wonders that he does for us daily. You get to see how he works.

Fourth benefit is you avoid the gaps while understanding God’s plan for us. This goes along with three, why? Because when you understand God you then can see some of the plans that he has mapped out for you. (Not all plans) but your life becomes a little clearer with out those time gaps. Gaps I mean out of order time line. If you were anything like me, when I read the bible before kinda I didn’t feel like I understood it. Things seemed out of place and didn’t make sense, but when I started reading it like this it makes a little more scene.

Fifth benefit YOUR READING THE BIBLE ALL THE WAY THROUGH! Goal marked done. You will feel accomplished not only for you but for your faith.


However you want to read the bible, go for it. Reading it chapter to chapter book to book, or in a devotional/lesson plan, just read the bible. There are so many things that the bible has that holds truths, things I didn’t even understand the the bible sheds light on. It helps when you have a, what I like to call expert, friend who is very knowledgeable in biblical and historical points on the bible. Never be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand, don’t stop because you get discouraged.

Yes the bible is a big book filled with books of all sizes but it shouldn’t intimidate you. Take one step at a time and dive into his good grace. Like I said I have made it not only a personal goal but a life group goal to read the whole bible.

There are many different ways to read the bible. From Old to New testaments; to Historical and in order. Below I have attached the bible reading plan in chronological order with the help of Bible Study Tools for reference the order in which chronologically it should be. Please visit them for any other studies that you might be interested in. I wanted to share with you a print out that I had made for my bible group that is easy to highlight and take notes on.

P.S the downloadable print out is free, you shouldn’t have to pay to read the bible!

What is one faith/bible goal you have for 2019?


    1. You so should it is so beneficial! I have read books of the biblw but never really as a whole so it makes a lot more since when you read it as a whole haha. Don’t forget to download the pdf to work towards it!


  1. I have tried to read the entire Bible many times and never succeed. I even borrowed my son’s Bible that is organized in a one-year reading plan. That didn’t work either. Honestly, it’s a lot for my brain to take in and I get overwhelmed.
    I am considering a Chronological Bible but I hate to spend the money when it’s most likely that I still won’t stick with it. I do get little bits of scripture throughout the day and I try to spend time pondering the scriptures in my devotional, but making time for Bible reading has not been the priority for me that it should be. This needs to change! Now, to figure out how to get up earlier than my toddlers to get this done? THAT is my biggest hurdle now. I’m praying I get it figured out sooner than later.


  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and weighing the pros and cons of different methods. My goal this year is to just be consistent in reading the Bible every day. Even if it’s only a verse or two. I want to be in Gods Word daily – even when it’s busy!


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