7 Self Care Tips For Anxiety

It’s easier said than done, right?

Answer is no even if it seems like you can’t or it is hopeless. Anxiety comes in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t have a type of person and doesn’t have a certain look. Dealing with anxiety is hard for both the person who has it and for those around that person. After some time I have sat down and thought about what things have helped ease out of an anxiety attack. Anxiety attacks come in all forms from breaking in tears to being overly defensive and feeling attacked by words.

Now easing out of anxiety attacks doesn’t always work and doesn’t happen as fast as people think. Snapping out of an anxiety mind frame is hard and takes time, it’s not like snapping your figures and boom you are better. However there are ways to help ease the cause and effect of it.


If you are Christian or religious like me, one thing that can be done above all else is pray. Tell God how you are feeling and ask for guidance. Ask for help to get through what your feeling and dealing with. I often try to sit down with my bible if I feel myself going into an anxiety attack. Finding grace and peace in his word gives me much comfort. I know he can help me.

“Turn all your worries over to him. He cares about you” 1 Peter 5:7 NIrV

Has been a saving grace scripture I run to lately.

Grounding Technique

Grounding is a technique that helps keep someone in the present. Grounding skills can be helpful in managing overwhelming feelings or intense anxiety. They help someone to regain their mental focus from an often intensely emotional state.

Via Google

There are many different grounding techniques you can practice when having an anxiety attack, the 5-4-3-2-1 is what works for me. This technique is more for panic attacks but it works for me when I feel lost in thoughts that wont escape.

There are times where I feel so lost that I have to take a moment to collect myself before trying to recover or coming back to a situation that was causing anxiety. Take deep breaths in and out slowly while counting down and finding the balance you need. This is a great exercise for when things have gotten really bad and you need to calm down mentally.

Do What You Love

Anxiety has a knack for making you lose interest in doing what you love, much like depression. It tells you; you aren’t good at it so why bother or scoffs at you like you’re an idiot for liking what you are interested in. As much as you feel like not doing anything take a moment or two to do something you love doing! That can be writing, singing, poetry, painting, photography, hiking, going to the gym, you name it you can do it!

Put your energy into what you love and anxiety won’t always have energy to fight back. I took up painting a while ago and it helps quite often.

Talk It Out

Now I know everyone doesn’t always have people they can turn to and often anxiety makes it so you can’t talk to them or reach out. Anxiety wants to make you feel alone and isolated as much as possible. It can be hard to talk to someone about how you are feeling because you will either get told stop overreacting or that you need to stop. However it’s important to find someone you trust to talk to because keeping it bottled up in yourself is much worse. If you don’t have family members or friends that you can trust, then seek professional help to let it all out.

I just recently started talking about what goes on in my head more with my family and best friend. I find that I can let them know hey I need to talk or just break down in tears and my husband will hold me. He doesn’t always get it and asks whats wrong but he knows I will talk when I am ready to. I will say a word to those who are the go to person that an anxiety prone person might talk to; don’t shoot them down so easily, it takes a lot of guts to speak up about whats bugging them. I learned this first hand….


Pets are a great way of having/receiving comfort without having to deal with people. Often times having a fur friend is easier to expel anxiety than people because they can’t do anything but love you. They don’t talk back or doubt you, they don’t tell you your overreacting or that this isn’t something you should be worrying about. Pets are just there for you regardless.

I can’t express how much my dogs have helped me. Even though they are a pain in the butt and sometimes cause my anxiety, they help! Spock, my boxer mix, is a big baby and know when I am about to freak out and comforts me when I break down. He will put his paw on my legs when I am sitting down and just look at me, waiting for me to pet him. Either that or he will crawl beside me and just lay down next to me and put his head on my lap or stomach. Harley, my spaniel, well she has separation anxiety so she knows what its like to freak out and she will just sit by me until I’m ok.


Music, studies show, have numerous “healing” qualities or health benefits. From helping Alzheimer’s and the elderly to easing emotional distress. If your thoughts get too much a head of you, turn up the volume.

I have a play list that I made for times when I just need to escape. I love to sing so I pick songs that I love to sing alone with and often feel better after a few songs. The music and singing along drowns out the negative words and worried thoughts I often have.


Anxiety can have a toll on the human body. You often feel weak, lifeless, numb, light or heavy-headed, and overall a blah feeling. Taking a hot bath with essential oils can do the body and mind good. Aromatherapy doesn’t have to be in a bath, it could be a shower or just sitting in steamed bathroom with oils. You can always use a diffuser for aromatherapy, or a necklace with essential oils in it.

  • Lavender- proven to be one of the best oils/scents for calming effects. It can help with insomnia, anxiety, and stress.
  • Jasmine- improving mood, overcoming stress, balances hormones, and calms anxiety and depression, emotional stress, and helps with insomnia
  • Chamomile- reduces anxiety, reduces inflammation, boost heart health
  • Rose- not only used for beauty and health, relieves stress, aides in depression and anxiety
  • Basil- discomforting migraines, reduces stress, nervous tension, and anxiety

How you can use Essential Oils:

  1. Rub directly: Rub 1-2 drops of oil into wrists, arms, back, or feet for full body relaxation
  2. Use on-the-go: Put a few drops on a handkerchief, cotton pad, essential oils necklace or on a scarf and inhale as needed. You’ll get instant calming support throughout your day. Do not put directly into nostril.
  3. Add to your shower: Immerse yourself in an essential oil steam by adding a couple of drops in your shower. Remember to plug or cover the drain and inhale deeply. Or 1-3 drops in steam bath.
  4. Use a diffuser: To get long-lasting benefit, use a diffuser (great for everyone at home – adults, kids and pets!)

*remember essential oils is for external use only not internal use*

Anxiety doesn’t have to define who you are. Anxiety should stop you from doing things you love. So why no try some self-care tips to ease the effects when you feel the world is crashing down!

What are some ways you calm down during anxiety/panic/depression?


  1. Love your first suggestion, Alexis. Even when it appears impossible, God has a way of sweeping a situation with His peace. I’ve not had an anxiety attack, but I’ll be sure to keep this post in mind for friends and family battling anxiety. I’ll be pinning it as well.


  2. I so appreciate these tangible things to try to cope with anxiety. The aromatherapy also helps us to simply breathe deeply, which can be a bigger help than we might think. Having been there myself, I think you’re spot on here.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for this post. Gotta share this to a friend of mine who dealt with anxiety. It’s hard situation to dealt but I know there’s a help out there.


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