Family Christmas Traditions

Guess what time of year it is!

That’s right, it’s Christmas time! A wonderful time of family, cheer, carols, gifts, sweet treats, a time for breaking diets, and first and foremost the birth of our savior.

Christmas is probably my favorite time of year! I love the fact that Christmas brings family closer and doing fun things with them like what I grew up doing. A friend of mine and I got to talking about growing up and what Christmas was like as our child. Which leads me to the topic of this post, family traditions at Christmas time.

Every family has or does celebrate some sort of holiday that has numerous traditions. For me and keeping tradition and making new ones for us is fun! I would like to share with you some of our traditions that I grew up doing and ones that we started in recent years.

Decorating The Tree

In my family we always decorated the tree together, maybe not all of us decorating at the same time but we were always in the same room and present watching a Christmas movie or listening to carols. We put the tree up and make it a family event. Usually the adults put the tree up and lights (if not already pre-lit) and the kids decorate the bottom of the tree if not the whole tree.

Head Of The House Puts The Topper Up

Another things we have always done is wait to put the tree topper up until the head of the house, which was my papa (grandfather), got home. Now because we have our own family that is my husbands responsibility. I don’t know when we started this or even why but I always liked that idea and stuck to it. I figured out that it reminds them that they are an important part of the family.

Fun Fact.png


One of the tradition that the boys of the family dislike is Christmas time is the start of the holiday hallmark movies. Actually Thanksgiving is but we watch them in December too! We women enjoy it but my hubby and grandfather evacuate the living room to the man cave so they don’t get stuck watching Christmas mush love stories.

The Less Fortunate

In recent years we have tired to help those around who don’t always get to have a nice Christmas or those who can’t celebrate it. Going to a local food bank or homeless shelter is a wonderful way of “spreading the cheer for those to hear”……

If anyone can tell me what line that is from, you awesome!

Christmas Eve Day/Night

the day of Christmas eve has always been filled with cookie baking, carols, movies, prepping a big dinner ( which will bring me to a new tradition we replace with), games, and wrapping last-minute gifts. I always had most fun with the eve of Christmas, baking cookies with my grandma is one of my most favorite memories at Christmas time.

We always made Santa’s cookies bigger! So here are our eve traditions.

Santa Gets Cookies, Reindeer Get Carrots/Oats

We have always put out cookies for Santa on a special plate I had growing up, he had his own glass too! Sadly my grandmother got rid of that plate and glass on accident and we have since gotten a new one for my kids to set out for him. We even got a bowl for carrots for the reindeer and are planning on getting different bowl for the magical oats we set out (Which is a small amount of regular oats and glitter).

P.J Present

Since I was little and I’m sure since my mother was little, we have always gotten pajamas to open on Christmas eve. They may not have always been Christmas theme but we always got some sort of pajama’s! Often times if we want to go all out a robe and slippers were included too but majority of the time was just tops and bottoms. This is a huge tradition in my house that I plan on keeping!

Open Them All

Growing up my mother and I lived with my grandparents and on Christmas eve we would only open the pajama present! Now sense living on our own (with my mother) in a different house we come over to spend Christmas eve with them and open all our gifts from them on Christmas eve then go home and wait for Santa there.

Also we don’t always do the big Christmas eve dinner like we use to, it’s too much now. Now we pick a theme of food we want and go from there, like two years ago we ordered take-out and had panda express! This year we are having Mexican food.

*Disclaimer the next tradition is for adults only! If your reading this with your kids then revert their eyes*

Santa’s Boot Prints

When the kids are fast asleep we adults set up for Santa. I remember I was always amazed at seeing what Santa laid out for me in presents, I was more amazed at seeing Santa’s magical boot prints leading from the fire-place to the tree and back!

I will make a different post on how to make easy D.I.Y Santa boot prints! When I started doing this for my kids I got to see the wonder in their eyes that I had once upon a time in mine. It keeps the magic of Christmas alive a little bit longer!

Church Service

Just recently I have been attending Christmas eve services to remind ourselves that it isn’t about Santa or presents, it’s about the birth of our savior and what he has done for us! We usually at our church have a candle light service and have a moment of silence to pray. It is really nice.

Christmas Morning

I try to get up before the kid’s and make a very much-needed cup of coffee before they tear into the presents. However it doesn’t always work, the kids wake up way before I do with anticipation and excitement knowing there is toys from Santa and the family!

We all get up they rush to see cookies gone, presents and stocking filled, and Santa’s boots to validate he was there *wink wink*.

We try to wait till everyone is up and we can sit down and pass out the gifts but we like to let the kids have some fun with the stockings and presents! Like I mentioned before stockings and stocking stuffer’s are a big part of our traditions! Every kid always got

  1. Tooth brush
  2. Calendar for the next year
  3. Socks
  4. Chocolate
  5. Candy cane
  6. Christmas stuffed animal
  7. Assorted toys
  8. Some sort of hygiene product
  9. Candy
  10. Pencil
  11. Cross word book or coloring book
  12. Crayons
  13. Chap-stick
  14. Make-up

The list also varies on how old, gender, and what they may need at the time off!

However back to the point I have a lot of traditional things we do and always adding too them! I don’t even know if you would call what we do traditions more or less just something I did growing up so I am carrying it on! One thing that we are doing starting this year is making toys a less of a want and focus on family/memory made gifts.

For example each kid picks two, at most, toys they want and one toy from Santa. Everything else is memory made and homemade. This doesn’t include the grandparents at all, just from mom and dad, the grandparents can spoil them if they want. My husband and I decided that we would rather a memory or homemade rather than toys that will be forgotten, broke, lost, or given away by the end of next year to make room for new toys that will repeat that cycle.

So there you have it, our family traditions.

What are some of your family traditions that y’all do even if you don’t celebrate Christmas!

As always Merry Christmas 🎄🎅🍪


  1. Love these Christmas traditions. I love seeing what other families do, and seeing things I may be able to do with my own family. We haven’t sat down to watch a Christmas movie yet but we definitely need to. I would also love to do something for the las fortunate as a family.


    1. Sharing traditions is fun! As for the movies, amung the Hallmark movies we have watched Grinch about 1 million times. Helping those who are less fortunate is something I am trying to teach my kids. The sharing and spreading cheer to those who possibly need it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m here for it and I love this ideas. I see why celebrations start so early in the month. It truly is a time for families to disconnect from the material and embrace the intangible.


  3. I love your idea to start focusing less on purchased toys and more on homemade gifts and memories! Two traditions that my father always did each year, and I continue with today, are an ornament in our stocking and watching It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve.


  4. I don’t celebrate Christmas but it’s always nice to spend time with family during this time. Our family little family tradition is movie nights on Fridays. Where we make the kitchen a concession stand. Or we will have a day to do crafts with our daughter.


    1. Awe thanks santa footprints is free to use! Check out my post on how I make them so you can get an idea on how we make them. I like to keep stocking stuffers simple and easy. Most of the list can be found at the dollar store and the kids don’t know the difference!


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