What to Pack for a Week Long Trip: Kids Edition

So in my family road trips are a big deal and have always taken once every couple of months to every month! I went everywhere (California and Colorado most of the time) with my grandparents, we always went on road trips to see family and get out of town. Traveling with kids can be a hassle and a bigger load than just yourself but it’s not as fun! It is also worth the memories made with the family. 

Sitting down and thinking about a lot of the things we use to bring for me on a trip I have made a list of what to bring on a trip for the kids. Not only to make it fun to make it a easier ride on you mommy and daddy!

1. Toys

I am not saying load the whole car up with toy’s  but take a few to entertain your kids. I like bringing toy cars, one stuffed animal for each kid, and let them chose one or two small toys of their preference. My grandmother would always get three new toys from the dollar store, that way if it gets lost or damaged its not a big loss. Besides half way through the trip I almost know that they will pass out with in the first hour of driving!

2. Books

One thing I personally bring and stock the car with is books! We are a family of readers both my oldest and I love books. Keeping up with reading is a good way to help with schooling of you are taking them out of school for this road trip you have planned. I like to bring 2 books for me and 3 for my eldest because he reads much faster than I do! Flip books and thick cardboard books are great for younger kids that don’t know the rules for treating a adult book nicely. 

3. Coloring Books

Along with normal books for the older/younger ones. I like to bring coloring books with crayons! This can solve boredom for all of a minute or two but helps creativity. I keep coloring books in the car any how but always make sure they have something of the sort. Alternative to coloring books for older kids is cross words, Sudoku, and something of the sort.

4. Wipes

As moms we use these all day everyday but I’ll tell you taking extra wipes with us has saved us a couple times. So anyway for road trips its enough said to just bring extra.

5. Blanket and Pillows

Like I said before I almost certain that one if not all the kids will pass out with in the first hour of driving. I know I always did and my kids do! In color weather this is smart to keep them warm and comfortable. Having a pillow is nice for them as well they have nice neck pillows for kids at Walmart, Amazon, and Etsy!

6. Travel Movie Player

On long road trips another way to solve boredom even for an hour is a travel movie player. You can get them at the pawn shop for 20 bucks and or Walmart for 20! We have a duel screen (one on both of the back of the head rests in the front) that we got from wally world and had the kids pick out 4 car movies that stay in the car for travels!

7. Snacks

As we know growing kids eat, and they eat a lot snacks. So figure in getting a cooler with snacks and things to make a easy lunch! I have the kids pick out one snack they want and then I pick out 3 of something I know they will eat! 

8. Travel Potty

Traveling with little bladders can be a pain in the tush! They don’t “have to” use the rest room when you stop but the minute you get back on the road they magically have to pee! Or they have to pee when you are in the middle of nowhere and no services for miles. Having a travel potty can be helpful, if you can’t find one or buy one the closest to a travel potty is a potty trainer seat you use for potty training. Though can get messy so I would suggest keeping water, wipes, and grocery bags in the back of the car with the seat to not only clean out but to wipe down with then throw out if you can’t dump out. 

9. Travel Games

I don’t know where my grandmother got them but she use to get mini sized board-games that were magnetized so they didn’t spill all over the place! I enjoyed this so much growing up on the road! It made it fun and solved boredom fast.


  1. Nice! All of these are great ideas! The potty idea is a hard one for me. Of course, since my littlest has always hated riding, we don’t take long trips anymore. I will likely wait for her to be trained and we will always go before we leave if we start taking long trips again.


  2. This is a good list! Our son is only 1, so traveling looks a little different right now. I don’t think I could do the travel potty, though – it sounds like it could get so messy!


  3. You can tell this list was made by an experienced travelling parent. The portable potty idea is the most brilliant suggestion ever. Rest areas are so far between, and kids always have to potty as soon as you miss the exit to one!


  4. We used to go on long road trips often. We used movies, games and tried traveling at night to minimize the kids going crazy. I love mini games that have magnets so the pieces don’t get lost, great ideas!


  5. We have done many trips with my boys who are 3 and 5, both by car and plane. I agree with all of this! Except, since we have boys, a travel potty isn’t really necessary. They’ve both peed on the side of the road a time or two when we were nowhere near an exit! When we went on a huge 13 day road trip last summer I threw in a bag of wipies even though both of them are potty-trained and I think the adults used them more than the kids!!


  6. When we go away for the weekend, especially with kids, we always have to have a whole bunch for them to keep them busy. This looks like such a great list to follow to make sure that you don’t miss anything.


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