What to Pack for a Week Long Trip: Adults Edition

I can’t tell you how excited I am to actually get a break from Vegas, Mommy-ing, and cleaning! I decided at the middle of October to plan for a road trip for my hubby and I to take together. WHERE?


Yep the middle of nowhere, not really anyway. His family moved from Las Vegas back to their home state a while back and now, well, it’s just him. No relatives except for my side of the family, and as much as I know he loves him in-laws, he is dying to go back home. I surprised by telling him I already figured out everything and planned it out. At First he thought I was joking but then he grew happy. By next Friday, the 16th of November, we will be driving 17+ hours to Nebraska.

Of course I will document it on Instagram and blog about it on here! I have never been to Nebraska so I am excited to see what y’all have to offer. If any of my followers or reader that have been or live there give us some idea’s!

So I wanted to talk about kinda about what to pack for a week-long road trip. I like taking the whole house with me (just kidding, my husband like to joke that if I could pack the house I would).

1. Suitcase

Very obvious is a suitcase, one that is big enough to hold what you need but not so big that you can pack the whole dang house! I have a medium size suitcase which I got as a gift from my grandmother when I went on a high school trip to the windy city!

You can pick up a suitcase at a local Wal-Mart or department store.

2. Essential clothing

How I pack is odd but I pack for five separate days that we will be gone! Five shirts and three pants. Plus two sets of pajama’s. That might see too much for a lot of travelers but if you knew me and how clumsy I can be! I pack for just in case I spill everything on my shirt.

However when packing you don’t have to do what I did, just pack the cloths that are needed not wanted. I know you probably have a couple of outfits you would love to pack but don’t pack them if you aren’t 100% sure you are going to ware them. Also pack enough underwear and bra’s. If you’re a guy and reading this then pack what you need in that department.

If it is cold where you are going then pack to the weather as well as normal like clothing! I try to pack a heavy jack and a light one just in case it isn’t snowing but enough of a breeze to chill me!

3. At Least Two Date Night Out Fits

When traveling alone with your better half, and it’s no kids involved, pack at least two of your nice date night outfits. You never know if you will be going out and need to look super nice. Granted I don’t know how fancy Nebraska gets but I still have one super nice outfit I will pack for the chance we might go out on a date night.

4. Bathroom/Make-up/Soap

Always pack you bathroom essentials! Enough said. When gone for a week, even staying at a hotel, it is nice to have your shampoo and other things you will need!

5. Things to do

If your planning a road trip like ours and it’s a 17+ hour drive then you will get bored fast! I would suggest getting crosswords, Sudoku, reading materials, pen, paper, your kindle or anything similar to! Pack enough phone cords and travel battery packs  as well. Chances you will use your phone on the trip too! Travel movie player is a good one too.


I know you can get food on the many stops you probably will make on a road trip. However something my family has always done on a road trip, big or small, pack food or snacks! It is cheaper than gas station food and cheaper in the long run. So grab a cooler and pack it with what ever drinks you want and the fridge like foods. Go get dry snacks from like the dollar store and stock the back up with snack stuff!

7. Music

We all know that highway radio is fun but cuts out after a period of time! Have your old school mix tapes and play some tunes. CD’s or Playlist on your phone!

8. First aid

You don’t know what will happen while you are out on the road, having a first aid kid will probably come in handy at one point.

9. Road side assistant kit

My husband likes to travel with these any how but urges all who travel long distances to always have a kit just in case you battery dies or something else happens.

10. Extra light bulbs, break lights, socket set

Another thing my hubby would like to put out there is extra of light bulbs for head lights, break lights and a socket set for your tires. Things have happened to him in the past and it has come in handy while driving on a road trip. For my ladies out there a socket set is for the lung nuts on your tires and other nuts and bolts!

11. Sexy Time

As odd as this many seem, pack some sexy clothing for a romantic night with your partner! Being on a road trip alone, you are bound to have sexy time at least once or twice. Pack your birth control or protection if you use it. Take advantage of being on the trip with your hubby alone and be romantic and sexy!

What is one thing you pack for a week or longer trip?


  1. I’m like you – I pack enough outfits for each day of the week I’m away. Also, a nice pair of shoes for the evenings out. You don’t want to be in your comfy walking shoes during a nice dinner.


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