Part Three: From the Other Side

It’s hard to go through cancer both for the person who has it along with the family and friends of that person suffering. Everyone has their own story to tell and their own way of dealing with tragedy. Below are some stories from family and friends who dealt with my mothers cancer journey, and their own stories of others. Some have wise words and some give advice on how to deal with bad news and a long hard battle road.

Debbie, Mother to my Mom

Initially when my daughter, Lisa, told us about her diagnosis I was sad, angry, upset, hopeful, prayerful and kind of in denial. I wished it were happening to me and not my baby. I researched extensively about her types of breast cancer, she had two kinds, (one that was very aggressive). Not understanding why this was happening to my baby was difficult and I know I will probably never understand. My husband and I prayed almost continuously for days and informed family and friends. A prayer chain of prayer warriors commenced praying a lot. There were people all over the world praying for Lisa and her medical team. I prayed that God’s will be done. I also prayed for healing according to God’s will. This journey has brought our family closer and strengthened our faith tremendously. Lisa is such a trooper and never complained. Her attitude bolstered me along the way. My advice to those encountering family or friends with cancer is to pray and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If the person with cancer wants to talk they will; if not just be with them and let them know you are there for them. The cancer battle isn’t short or absolutely explainable so unless you have been through an identical journey you cannot fully know what that person is going through. For Lisa, the prayers continue that she will remain cancer free. Breast cancer is not curable but it can be manageable. My prayers continue for Lisa and her health journey. Tomorrow is not promised so live each day fully. Tell your family and friends that you love them and are there for them.

Down below is my aunt who is my mothers older sister and her only sister.

Regina, Older Sister To my Mom

As a big sister, watching my baby sister embark on this battle, I was scared. However, I knew she needed me to be strong. All my energy would be directed at being there for her in any way that she needed me to be. If she needed to cry, I would just hold her hand, if she needed to laugh, I would be silly. If she needed a reassuring look of “You Got This” or if she just needed me to sit beside her and not say a word, I would gladly do so. Most of all I would PRAY. I would let her know that HER God loved her and that she could find comfort in that.
Of course I had my own breakdowns, snotty crying sessions, and sleepless nights. But, God gave me the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Next is my husband who helped me through this journey. My mom is the only real mother he has probably ever known.

Sheldon, Son-in-Law/Husband to Author

There isn’t much to say about Lisa having cancer, yes she was my mother-in-law and I am proud that she was able to take care of it. I knew the pain Alexis was going through being on the sidelines, I knew how she felt due to this not being my first time dealing with a parent that has cancer. My father has colon cancer. It hurts that he has it and that he can’t necessarily go get taken care of, he takes care of his household before himself. It hurts to see a nice guy like that not be able to take care of things like this because we need more nice guys like him. It also sucks that he does have it, I wanted to spend more time with him due to not being able to be around him in my childhood. My advice is don’t think about the bad things, keep a positive attitude, and do the fun things with them while you can. Enjoy the moments you have with them regardless if they are just being treated, fighting, losing, winning, and surviving. You don’t know what will happen.

These are some simple and heart filling stories with some words of advice. I would have gotten more stories to share but I was pressured for time. So please words from the wise. Keep your head up, trust is God, love with all your heart, and be there for your person who is suffering. Even if they want to be alone insure them they are not and that your there if needed.

#getyourpinkon ladies and gents.

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