32 Weeks and loving it…or maybe not.

As I enter my 32nd week of pregnancy I’m relieved to say I feel reasonably normal. Don’t get me wrong, I have little baby feet kicking me in the ribs on a daily basis and my swollen stomach is making it harder to roll into and out of bed, but as a whole, this is the best I’ve felt throughout this whole journey. And my god has it been a journey.

After dealing with my second bout of kidney stones, I’ve definitely noticed a difference within my body. I have somewhat more energy and I feel as if my body is in a much better working order. I’m no doctor but even I have to say that the stone was affecting much more than just my kidneys, and now it’s gone my internal organs can function normally again.

With that being said, I’m so so glad this is all nearly over. With only 8 weeks left to go I’m praying the little one comes early just so I can selfishly have my body back. I know he needs to cook for a few more weeks yet but I’d be happy to give birth at any point after 36 weeks gestation. I still wake up some mornings feeling nauseous and my appetite has completely gone. My back is killing me and my stomach feels like it can’t possibly stretch anymore than it already has. And even though I have much more energy than before, I still want this nightmare to end.

After speaking with a few of my clients about babies and children, a lot of them told me it was the prospect of meeting their newborn that got them through. But for me, it’s the idea that I won’t be pregnant for much longer that keeps me going. Of course I can’t wait to meet this little boy, to see if he looks like his Dad or he’s got my nose. And obviously I’m super excited to become a Mum, it’s just been a long and difficult road. One that I won’t be travelling down again any time soon.

I’m looking forward to walking my dog without getting breathless. I can’t wait to eat all the foods they tell you to say away from; Camembert cheese and pâté, mayonnaise on my chips and lots and lots of warm mugs filled with caffeinated tea. I can’t wait to leave the house without worrying about smells that’ll set off my nausea. And mostly, I can’t wait to stop getting prodded and poked by doctors, nurses, midwives and those random acquaintances that feel like they can grab your bump/belly just because.

Welcoming our baby into the world will be life changing, and I am more than excited to see what the future holds. I can’t wait watch my partner become a father, to see the little one take his first steps, and call my name for the first time. But all this goes without saying. I have no angst towards my unborn baby, not at all, I just think there’s too much pressure on us ladies to become mothers as soon as you see the blue line appear on your pregnancy test. When in reality, we can all be slightly selfish until the baby is here. As long as you’re looking after yourself physically, and mentally too, then saying you’d be ‘glad once it’s all over’ out loud doesn’t make you a bad person, nor will it reflect how you take to motherhood.

Being pregnant and becoming a mother are two completely separate challenges, and I’m ready to learn what it takes to be the best Mum I can be.

With Love, L.

Author and general rambler on    Happiness is a Heartbeat

P.S. I’d like to take the time and Thank Alexis for asking me to contribute to her wonderful blog, and I hope what I write is just as interesting as everything else you read on Her Little Arrows

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