5 Things on What Not to do When Starting a Blog

Starting a blog has become a sensational hit. It’s a wonderful way to encourage people, sell your brand or products, and even just to share good news with others. It is a platform for artist, writers, businesses, and more. As all sunshine and rainbows as it might seem getting started can be hard, especially when you don’t know where to start. Sadly I have seen some people do this as a new blogger and I will admit I have done some myself. I collected five mistakes I found that most new bloggers make and it’s OK as long as you learn from it. I will suggest find a Facebook group that is for bloggers and ask them if you are unsure most groups and other bloggers are pretty open, take courses on blogging or google it. I run a Facebook group for blogger moms. There are a lot of platforms that work and a lot of information out there to start your new page up!

Here we go, What Not to do When Starting a Blog:

Doing It For Wrong Reasons

There must be a reason why you wanted to start a blog, right? Well what if I told you there are wrong reasons people start blogs? Finding a good reason to start is key! Don’t do it just because or because it may seem like a popular fad right now. Do it because you truly have something to say and something to share. Don’t let people tell you why you should either, regardless if you are a good writer or not. Doing it for the wrong reasons you won’t pour your heart into it as much, and you will get board of it faster. I started a blog because I wanted to share my mom thoughts with everyone else, it’s a place for me to share to, and for me to build it into something I love! Which is writing!

Don’t Compare to Other Bloggers

One mistake I made when I first started writing content and building my web page is comparing my newly created site to other more advanced bloggers. Why not compare? Well first they probably have been doing it for a lot longer so of course they will have a little more of a leverage than you. You can take tips on what you might like and note it but don’t waste your energy on competing with what other bloggers look like, when that energy could be used to better yourself and your content. Another reason not to compare is your not blogging for them. You are blogging for you and your purpose!

If at First You Don’t Succeed

When I was little my grandmother always told me when I felt like a failure at somethings;

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

Don’t give up on your blog just because you don’t have a large following of readers or have the best content. That just means you have more time to work on getting better! Don’t stop because you can’t think of content. There are plenty of times where I have writers block and need some inspiration. I will go to Pinterest or talk about something that happened that day with my kids. Keep posting, keep advertising, tagging, sharing, and TRYING! It will happen in time I have more of a following on Facebook than I do on my actual site. They only reason failure happens is when people give up.

Don’t Copy

Along with comparing your blog to others don’t copy content, or topics! That’s plagiarism! I am talking almost word for word or they same title and type of post. Yes topics get repeated often but try not to make your own spin-off of it and have it sound familiar. It isn’t nice! You can use others as inspiration but don’t copy. I will say that you can look at other blogs for inspiration just don’t do something exactly like what has already been done.

Fake Persona

Just be yourself! Don’t try to be someone else when writing. I did this sadly when I started, if you have followed me since day one you know that my blog use to be called Coffee Plus Faith ( as seen in the photo to the right. I originally wanted to just focus on faith and on coffee. It was harder than it looked for me. I felt this pressure to act like the perfect christian when writing and I realized I had to change because it wasn’t me! I am by no means a perfect Christian. I am a hot mess, sailor mouthed, open-minded, humble, sarcastic christian mom that reads her bible and tries her best to be OK for her kids sake. So please when you are making your blog remember be you and fully you! Do it for you and make some boss writing material. When you enjoy your blog you write better, create more, and pour your heart into it. I love sharing with you guys a lot!

Starting a blog is hard work there is a lot that goes into it and lot that can turn out of it! Find something that fits you and do it, make it happen! Be that Boss you always wanted to be and run it! Advance what you can and work hard at it. There really isn’t much you can do to go wrong!


  1. These are great tips for starting out – I have had the hardest with comparing myself to others. I try really hard to just focus on myself, but it can be difficult sometimes!


  2. Good tips. That comparison thing gets me sometimes! I want to be like all the bloggers that I love and admire…I have to remember that they’ve been at it awhile and I’m really just starting. I read a quote once that said something like “flowers don’t look around and compare themselves to other flowers…they just bloom.”


  3. These are great tips. As a newbie blogger, I often get overwhelmed with writing, knowing what to write, being embarrassed to write (and well, I have toddlers so time is never easily found) and it’s good to hear someone else say just keep going.

    Great post!


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