This month is a special month for me, not only is it October R.J’s birthday is coming up in three weeks but it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month along with may other different awareness’! I have not suffered from breast cancer but I know two in my family who has my mother and my great-aunt! Both of which are strong-willed women who were able to make a fast recovery.

All this month I will be posting different things related to breast cancer, hopefully sharing stories, advice, tips on checking for lumps, and facts. I might even do a small U.S giveaway!

You can read all about my side of breast cancer by reading Her Battle, it’s a quick summary of my side of watching my mother go through her journey! I want to remind everyone that we all go through it not just the cancer survivor or the one battling it now! Your relatives and friends are going through it too, it is just as hard to watch a loved one go through as much as they do and just sit there while not being able to do anything to help!

For everyone going through any type of cancer;

You are BRAVE








Keep a positive outlook and never give up, fight, fight, and fight some more! Know what you are beautiful and God is with you all! Forever one watching on the side lines you are everything listed above as well. It is hard to watch and feel helpless, trust me we know! All you can do is pray, be there, and support in any way you can!

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