5 Must Have decor items for Autumn

Even though fall doesn’t officially start till September 22, here in Vegas it has started for people like me! Not only will the temperatures be dropping from the high 100’s but it will be jacket weather soon! I get to get my favorite fall time wardrobe out and ugg’s, not to mention my scarfs…

From pumpkin scented candles to Halloween decor, then Thanksgiving around the corner, Fall is almost here. Two of my favorite holidays are close at hand. Halloween and Christmas!

I am not much of a horror fan but I love Halloween and the cute decor at department stores for that and Fall over all. I love the fact that the weather will be cooling down from 115 to 95 like I stated above. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but trust me IT IS! I hate the summer heat and would much rather the chilly winds of fall than the blasting dry weather Vegas has to offer.

I am a big decorator no matter the season though, if I left it up to my husband (who is a red neck) he would leave the Christmas lights up all year round! I like decorating accordingly however. I am making a list of my top 5 must haves’ for fall decor, some miscellaneous and some Halloween!

1. Pumpkins

Pumpkin Madness

I can not get enough of pumpkin decor for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. Pumpkins area universal decor for the fall season as a whole. There are all different kinds of pumpkins made in different ways. Plastic to foam, cloth with burlap ribbons to made from burlap. You can use them to carve for Halloween with scary faces or for center pieces for a table set up for Thanksgiving! They come in different colors and sizes and go with almost anything! I like some of the D.I.Y decorating for pumpkins to make them look neat. Some times instead of carving we use paint or paint markers and color ours.

2. Sunflowers/Fall Leaves


Not a lot of people associate sunflowers with fall but I do because of the yellow and orange tones that they posses. They are mainly used as accents because of the tones of orange (at least in the fake flowers from craft stores) but the yellows are still awesome for fall! I use the fake ones because one the last longer, two I can re-use them (there I go again taking about re-use when you can) and three because they are interchangeable and no upkeep! They also look great for wreaths and decor for out side! Along side with flowers is the cool tones orangery of leaves! I can’t get enough of them, it literally looks like I left a window open and let the leaves blow in my house! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! I use them for my wet bar decor and for hanging from my doors.

3. Candles


You can never have to many candles! However to complete any fall, creepy or Halloween look you will need candles at one point or another! Even if you don’t have cool looking, or creepy looking holders get candles anyway. I love some of the fall scents the most, surprisingly I don’t like some of the pumpkin scents! Despite pumpkins being my first favorite decor! Go figure, but I do like the fall smells the most. Candles are also an economy saver, instead of turning up the heat this fall and wasting a ton of money, light some candles around the house and you will be set for a while. Just remember to blow the candles our and or put the fire out before going to bed!

4.. Glass Jars and Bottles


I have weird obsessions over a lot of things, ask any one who knows me! I love mugs pens and glass jars! Not only mason jars but cute and creepy jars for Halloween. I collect them and make them into cute decor for Halloween style theme! Halloween is only one of the ways to use jars, there are a lot of D.I.Y Halloween jar idea’s out there. Candle holders, potion bottles, and candy holders are just a few of the ideas I like!

5. HALLOWEEN EVERYTHING Ghost, Ghouls, Cats, Witches!

Halloween Jars

Yes for being a Christian I enjoy Halloween, I love the fact we can dress up and go out and have fun while doing so! This year we are dressing our small family unit as Grew and the Minions, but we haven’t decided all the way! DC Harley Quinn and Joker is a maybe too! I am a geek/nerd so anything is possible on Halloween. Over all I love all the different Halloween decor there is to buy and make. You can never go to wrong with Halloween because the more frightening the better right? Carving pumpkins is fun if I don’t have to gut the pumpkin! I like decorating my yard (if I had one) with grave stones and spider webs!

So that is my top 5, there is much more but I will not go into to much details. Decorating I a hobby I have! You should see my house when the Christmas season is upon us, it looks like Santa threw up all over my home! Anyway Happy Fall guys!

What is one thing you decorate for the fall?


  1. Florida basically skips over fall so although many people are in the Fall mood it’s hard to get into it here. I did start some decorations but I won’t be pulling out that adorable wardrobe anytime in the near future. Love you decorations!

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  2. Yes! One thing I use for fall decorating is a few glass vases and I put this wic orange and black decorative balls inside. I love it! When it’s christmas time, I switch them out for ornaments!


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