Dear Mom of a Strong-Willed Child

Dear Mom of strong-willed children,

You are amazing! It is hard to raise such a strong-willed, hard-headed little human but you are doing it and crushing it like a boss!

You are not alone. Those days where the kids are being their worst and you feel defeated, just know you are still the best mother in the world still. I know they have good days where they act like little angels. However it feels as if the bad days outweigh the good! I know the looks that people give you because they don’t understand the melt downs in the middle of the store line. As best as you try to avoid them or correct them with discipline it doesn’t work. They don’t get the amount of energy you put into keeping your cool so you don’t yell, cry, or freak out! The hard-headed littles get use to your punishments faster than lightning, so then you have to think of new ways to correct this behavior. Ignore those looks because you are doing your best.

These phases will pass yet you will be left limp and lethargic from all the days avoiding events due to how your child acts, or exhausted from the break down you had because you feel like you failed. However know this:

The difficult times means they are learning, they are growing and testing the waters to see what to do and what not to do.

The hard handedness will turn into determination! Once their mind is set they stick to it.

The strong-willed will become an asset in bad times and can be used to pull through the raging sea that will come to them. They won’t give up easy and will have the drive to want to do better!

So dear mom to “difficult” children, you are not alone. You are amazing both as a mom and as a woman. You didn’t fail and you’re doing it right! It’s exhausting but its worth it to raise a difficult, spirited, stubborn child! Sure they don’t listen and ask stupid questions. Sure they scream and throw tantrums but when you handle it and try your hardest is when you’re doing it right. Dont feel defeated because your just getting started! Dont feel like it wont get better because it will! You are raising a spirited child who will benefit from it one day!

Dear Mom who is a parent to a strong-willed child you are a proud mama of a strong-willed child who is just learning!



  1. Great inspirational letter! As a mom of two strong-willed children it’s quiet easy to forget that your alone in this journey. This letter was a great reminder!


  2. Great post! It’s so important to recognize spirited children for what they are and value their spirit while helping them manage it. Important to take care of yourself too when it feels difficult!


  3. I love this! Such a perfect reminder to struggling mamas to hang in there. Kids can definitely be tough and it’s hard to always find the light.


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