Buying School Supplies on a Budget

Being a stay at home mom is hard work, especially if you’re a one income based family like us. Money is tight at the H. House hold! I get panic attacks just thinking about the back to school supplies list that teachers send for parents. Oddly enough the list gets bigger and longer as they get older which means

So ultimately your stuck in a bind, as much as I don’t want my children to feel then need those things to avoid such a path, I also don’t want my wallet to fall a part either. Here are some tips to saving money and getting some good things!

Buy Smart

Buy as smart as you can, don’t buy things based on the look of the product. It may look cute and fancy but realistically it’s not worth paying for. I love my kids and when Lestat goes to school shop with me I allow one fancy high-priced item of his choice. Last year it was a camo pencil box instead of the clear $1 box. Give them a choice that way they still get a cool expensive thing but without breaking your bank account to bad.

Buying smart isn’t always about price but how long the product will last, buy a lunch pail that will last three years, or a backpack that can last two years! The longer a product lasts the more money you save in the future, don’t buy new sneakers that are white if you have boys like mine that will have those black by the end of the day!

Dollar Store

I had to admit this but last year I spent over $150 on school supplies because I didn’t buy smart. I didn’t think to look at my local dollar store for half of the items the teacher had requested. They had everything from composition notebooks to the pencil boxes I wanted to buy. Now they don’t have the copy paper in the bulk packs or good glue. So I will need buy some of the supplies at Wal-Mart…..again….

However now I know I can save more this School year by buying cheap. I know a lot of teachers don’t like the generic items because they are of good quality. If you’re a teacher reading this, I am sorry but I am living on a budget too and can not afford the better things. You will have to live with my kids using dollar store crayons that suck.

Re-use When You Can

If your child has a back-pack that isn’t severely damaged in any way, or that folder from last year hasn’t gotten a beating……

Copy of Alexis.png

I can’t stress enough you don’t have to buy it if it’s still in good condition! This concept isn’t good for glue, pens, written in journals, pencils, etc. However if the binder is in good shape, or the folder is almost new and your backpack is durable shape then heck ya save some pennies!

In conclusion I know this isn’t a whole lot but it is something I found to help me save some when stressing the new school year! I will have to say this year some of the school supplies at Wal-Mart are cheaper than the dollar store, folders and crayons were 50 cents!

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