How To Make a Prayer Jar

Here is a project you can do at home with your child to encourage them to pray and see the progression of prayers being answered. We started doing this in our house when my oldest was in second grade, we wanted to encourage him to pray and wanted him to see his prayers being answered even if it took a couple months. Answered prayers can be burned or thrown out, and unanswered prayers go back in the jar. Review prayers ever so often, I would suggest a couple months apart so you can see if progression was made.

Untitled design (7).png

Supplies: One jar any size





Paint if wanted

glue if needed

Acrylic Sealant

passion of god

When making the jar you can get glass or a plastic one. I use plastic since this is for my children as well, children can be clumsy. So if you are going to use a glass jar always be present with the child when putting a prayer in the jar.

  1. Take glass or plastic jar, paint the jar the colors you selected. In the picture above there are two jars one is clear and the other is glass holding flowers. I use both as a prayer jar but the plastic on is my favorite type when working with the kids. I spray painted the jar two different colors and applied a clear coat of sealant to keep from chipping. if you don’t want to paint it that is perfectly fine just skip step one though three
  2. Let it dry over night
  3. By morning you can add what ever too it, hot glue flowers on it, make it your own. By this time you should be ready to use.
  4. Take some blank or lined paper and cut them into post-it note sized pieces and put in, next to the jar or on top. I have seen some people cut an envelope so its like a pocket and glue it to the jar to make a paper holder.
  5. Take some ribbon or string and cut enough off to wrap around the jar and tie it off leaving enough slack for the pen to write.
  6. Make a prayer and put it in the jar, let the passion of the holy spirit guide you when praying. At the end of the month or year take the prayers out and see what you have done, what was answered or what god had you learn.

For a prayer box follow the steps just replacing the jar with a box and cutting a slit in the top to put the prayers in! Have fun with this and make it a family art project.

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