5 Must Haves for Bible Study

When starting to read the bible and or a bible study, everyone does it differently! Everyone has their own highlighting code, writing notes, and reading style. Some follow a book while others dive into the good word and do chapter by chapter! How I wish I could just dive in and know what everything means! I can’t tell you how inspiring that is when I see that happen or when people rattle off scripture off the top of their head word for word.

However I found 5 things that are must haves when starting studying regardless of how you study or with whom you study. Honestly they are blunt and obvious! I would like to share them with you in hope to make this a little easier for you, I know how overwhelming it can be if this is your first time. Even if it isn’t and you are trying to drive back into the word.

What you will need:

A Bible

When staring your journey you really need the obvious! It isn’t a bible study with out a bible. There are many different versions out there, but they all mean the same! I started with an NIV or a NIrV, to me the NIrV is the simplest text when reading. A friend of mine said a lot of children’s bibles are in this text which makes sense! When I got comfortable with it I changed to an NIV. So yeah I read a kids bible starting out, it’s straight to the point, but if you can understand or prefer the standard version or King James version then by all means be my guest. I personally get confused with all the thee’s and thou’s, I know that it is closet to the original as we can get it.


I love, love, love highlighting scriptures and verses that mean a lot to me! Whether it be from a devotional book (what I call bible studies for alone time), a life group at a local church, online groups, or Sunday sermons; highlighting can help you understand his word better. Most highlighter sets come with a color code on which color means or should be used for! I use Studio Series Bible Highlighters, they are wonderful to use, they don’t bleed through and easy on the pages. They are a gel like crayon that doesn’t have the oily after effects of a crayon, super smooth and easy to use however they do “Dry out” and turn crayon like if the cap is left off. However I, for my personal preference, tweaked the color coding for my personal fit! I also have a flags and sticky notes code system I stick too.

You can use normal highlighters but I would highly suggest that you don’t. They bleed through the thin pages of a bible. Bible highlighters are made specific for bibles.

A Journal

Other than the obvious you need a journal, so you can write down what stands out to you or to use the S.O.A.P method to further your knowledge on his word. I use composition note books because they are dirt cheap, I get them for 50 cents a book. I do have a couple of fancy journals that I have purchased for certain devotionals and groups I’ve been in but I will always love composition notebooks.

When journaling, you don’t have to use the S.O.A.P method. You can just journal about your thoughts, what’s God is speaking into you, what you’ve learned, ideas, and or questions. I like to write both in my journal and in my bible along the margins and spaces. That way I dont have to find my journal for reflecting I can read what I wrote in my bible.

A Devotional or Plan

Next to important you need something to guide you to proper reading and following along. There are many different kinds of devotionals and bible reading plans out there with different themes and categories! I have done a Yearly Bible Plan which I made a downloadable for.

I tend to stay with parenting/mom devotionals, and marriage/wife devotionals. Now if purchasing a brand new book is too much you have two roads you can take. One is ask your local church if they get book donations or look for a printable bible reading plans. I have found over the couple of months some good ones on Pinterest to screenshot and follow along! Also Try Thriftbooks they have a lot of good stuff for half the price!

Here is a list of some of my favorite devotionals and good reads!


Not many find this important to have for Bible Study but always start your session in reading with a prayer. Ask for wisdom and understanding when reading the Lord’s book and ask for the Holy spirit to be your muse! I tend to ask to help me understand what it is I am to be reading and how to apply it personally. Why? Well I could read the same scripture 5 years from now and apply it differently because of the season I am in.

Now there are a couple of other items that you need like a Pen or pencil, some time and space to do a bible study, and a place! I like doing my studies at night when the kids are asleep or at a local coffee shop when I get alone time! Other things you can use are stickers, paints, tabs, washi tape and more to make it a memorable thing for you. These things can be found at any craft store like Joanns or perferably Hobby Lobby.

With that being said, I hope this truly helps you. I hope this is just the start of your walk this Jesus and getting to know him. Bible study is just one of the many ways to do so. It helps you grow your relationship with him on a personal level with a bonus of keeping his word closest to your heart.

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